A Spring Walk

I got up this morning determined to do something about my weight and lack of exercise! Suffice it to say I used to be a skinny young thing and the years have turned me into a chubby little thing. I think as I've slowed down and haven't kept up the amount of physical activity I used to do, my body has held on to every pound I've gained. I've decided I want the old me back or at least as close to the old me as possible. My hope is to lose enough weight so that I feel comfortable again in my own skin.

There is a small little neighborhood adjacent to mine that is an amazing place to take a walk. The homes are incredible. I dream as I walk past these homes of arched doorways and beautiful gardens.

Candy tuft

I thought this flower display looked like something you would see in a vase. I couldn't believe there were sunflowers already. It seems early for them.

I love arched doorways!

This gorgeous dove flew down to say hello.

This is my dream home. I've been eyeing this house for years. Way out of my price range, but one can dream.

This tree reminded me of cotton candy. Just as I passed beneath it a swirl of wind blew the petals into the air. They floated down on me like a gentle rain.

If I can't have the first house pictured, this one will do. The mass amount of forget me nots made this yard look like a fairyland.

I've never seen birds like these before. The trees were filled with them.

I loved this hedge. When the sun hit it, it looked like it was glowing.

I love the idea of the small flowerbed within a lawn, very pretty!

I hope you enjoyed the walk. I'm hoping to take many more in the future. I've been telling a fellow blogger, who has become a wonderful friend that I'm going to join Curves Gym too! I'm hoping to rebulid some of the strength I've lost.

Have a blessed day!



Ulla said...

We have the same favorite house!!! Oh my! Wish you had knocked on my door...

Christine LeFever said...

Oh what a lovely walk! Yes, taking walks is the ticket. Walking is proven to be the absolute best remedy for the need to drop a few pounds. And you make taking a walk into a fairy tale. I think the little birds are yellow finches.


Sugar Bear said...

A lovely and charming neighborhood to walk in!

justjen said...

You will love it. It is where I met my dear friend Ronna who introduced me to the world of ATCs, encouraged me to submit cards to a gallery/trade show and where one of my cards became part of their invitation. I was encouraged to try more and when I took a collage workshop, I was again encouraged to try more and then came the blog, where I have been very encouraged and have met wonderful people like yourself! If I begin my day with Curves, I fell great to the end of it! I hope you will too.
Gorgeous neighbourhood!

angelasweby said...

I really enjoyed our walk together, it was such a beautiful day. The front gardens told us so much about their owners. The feisty lady who enjoys salsa dancing in the house with the red hedge and the romantic young girl who dreams of being whisked away by a knight on his charger in the house with the pretty forget me nots. The short and rather plump elderly man with the sunny smiling face, he's the one who plants sunflowers, of course and then, there's the large family with all those children who each want to plant some Spring flowers. If mum didn't make them keep to that little flower in the lawn they would be putting those bulbs in here there and everywhere...haha!
Warm hugs, Angela

Tracie said...

Hi Nancy,
What a dear post here today.
I too love that arched doorway and have been known to dream on my walks, thinking - if that was my house, I'd do this and that - hmm, wouldn't french lavender look lovely there and some pale pink roses...

Thanks for taking me along on your walk, each picture is lovely. While I'm on my walk tomorrow morning, I'll be thinking of you. Walking is great and sure is a mood lifter I've found and gives me much more energy as well.

You made me giggle with your used to be a little thing comment. We can all relate (well, a lot of us!). The great thing is you're out there with your rosy outlook on life - you go girl.

Be thinking of you tomorrow!

bluemuf said...

I so enjoyed sharing your lovely walk. I also love arched doorways and that one is beautiful. What a beautiful neighbourhood you live in.

Hugs Karen

Charm & Grace said...

What a lovely, wonderful walk. Thank you for taking us along (virtually). The photos are gorgeous, and your experience with the cherry blossoms reminds me of one I had several weeks back. Wonderful spring!!


Rebecca Ramsey said...

What a wonderful walk. I feel refreshed!
Thank you!

Rosemary said...

Hi Nancy,
That is my kind of a walk. Beautiful neighborhood!!
We have a lot of the same likes!!
I'm so glad you are getting into walking. I walk every morning with my friend. We have been walking together for 15 years.
Thanks so much for sharing your walk with us.
Loved the flowers, birds, and I have a thing for arched doors.
Have a great night,

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Hi Nancy, what beautiful sights you saw today Nancy! I have been feeling the EXACT same way about getting out and excercising. Good for you to do something about how you feel! xoxo Heather

KarenHarveyCox said...

What a gorgeous neighborhood to go walking in, and your photographs are spectacular. Thank you for sharing these. Spring always makes me feel out of shape after the long snowy winter. Walking is always a great help. Karen

Donna Lynn said...

Dear Nancy,
So glad I saw your blog comment on another blog! I loved the beautiful post, the walk was breathtaking...I walk 2 1/2 miles a day, wish I could walk by such lovely places! Check out my blog post on my 1 yr. of walking milestone! Keep up the good work, walking is a wonderful way to lose weight and get into shape, it works, I am proof!
Blessings, Donna Lynn

Lori Garbarino said...

Nancy, I love your knowledge of flowers, You have such a wide range! You and I have such similar tastes in houses this would be my dream neighborhood too.! I have some pictures I just recently took of one of my favorite houses I am going to post about too! Thanks for the inspiration again!

I am on a mission to shed more than a few pounds too, Lets be encouraged!



Natasha Burns said...

Gorgeous walk Nancy! I would take that 2nd house too, all that beautiful scenery.

Lori said...

Nancy, what a beautiful walk...your spring is much farther along than mine, i loved seeing all of the flowers, and the gorgeous flowering trees...the birds are finches, we have oodles of them that come to our feeder, aren't they sweet, some of them are very vibrantly yellow, so pretty:)

LW said...

Nancy what a beautiful walk, thank you for taking me along…
I cannot think of any better way to start a day then to be showered in
flower petals…

Love your dream houses…


Miss Sandy said...

Thanks for the walk, fresh air, sunshine, and flowers. This is strange, I've been thinking of taking a walk through my woods and giving a virtual tour!

I am in the same boat as you are with the weight issue. Slowing down, writing requires a lot of sitting, and a medication that threw off my metabolism don't help either. I feel encouraged to step out my door and join you in your journey.

Thanks for being an inspiration!

NeereAnDear said...

Oh my Nancy.... I enjoyed taking a walk with you today... the bright sunshine... the lovely flowers.... I too have a dream home as grande as yours... with a seperate sun room and a studio to call my own... dreams are the best... never give up because one day they just may come true!!

Love the antique store also... filled with such fabulous treasures...its so much fun to wander and wonder about their history



Margaret said...

Walking is such a great way to lift your spirits!

I love your dream home, by the way!

starrynightimpressions said...

Hi Nancy,
You are a wonderful photographer!! I love your comment on my blog about us being curly sisters, there aren't many natural curly heads like us aroung so we have to band together to survive!! lol
Here's my e-mail, 1starrydeborah@att.net, that looks wierd, don't forget the 1 in front of starry.
and with your words of encourgement, i am now going to go out and take a walk!!
PS, I've got to get to that store!!!

Janet said...

Thank you for taking us along on your walk through the neighborhood. Maybe it will inspire me to get up and do the same! Your photos are beautiful. The very last one is my favorite. It looks so perfect.

Betzie said...

Hi Nancy,
Haven't been blogging much these days, but just read this post. I am the same way...used to be young and thin and these days I feel like an old grey mare! I have been doing Weight Watcher's Core program, you can even do it online. I have lost 7 pounds in one week, and I feel a little hopeful! I need to lose about 30 more, but at least it's a start!
Love your photos! Those birds are goldfinches...we have them right outside our window every morning. :)

SweetAnnee said...

What a lovely lovely walk. I've never seen so many forget me nots in one place!!
and the finches are lovely
and the burning bush..woohoo

thanks for sharing.Deena