Swashbuckler Soiree!

Welcome to the Swashbuckler Soiree hosted by the beautiful and fabulous Donna of the Ribboned Crown. Thank you so much for hosting this fun event Donna! I've been counting down the days to this Soiree. I have made something that would have graced a Pirate Lady's dressing table. Enjoy!


She ran down the castle stairs, looking back to be sure she wasn’t being followed. Her slipper fell off her foot and she stopped to put it back on for the third time. She had taken great pains to keep her pirate identity secret. If her prince ever discovered who she really was, she would lose his love forever. But the call of the sea was strong and she longed to feel the sea mist on her skin once more.

She could see the light at the end of the tunnel and hear the crashing of the waves. When she came through the mouth of the cave there lay her ship. The most beautiful ship to ever maraud the seven seas: The Glass Slipper.

She readjusted her eye patch to hide one of her beautiful eyes. She ran the length of the sandy beach and boarded the dingy that was waiting there. Two of her burly pirates grabbed the oars and headed out for sea. She felt the familiar lurch of the boat as it was caught up in the waves. She smiled as she caressed the cutlass at her side and thought of the bejeweled necklace she had captured in her latest adventure.

“Tell me Mr. Hawkins, how are things aboard my beloved Glass Slipper?”

“Well, m’pirate lady, she is as shiny and fair as you last saw her.”

A twinkle entered her eye as she looked at him. “As it should be, Mr. Hawkins. I don’t think you would want to face your lady's displeasure.”

He held back a deep chuckle. “Aye, aye m’lady. But there is some news you should be aware of. The pirate Seadog has been hounding The Glass Slipper for the last 3 days.”

She sighed. “You would think that after all these years he would just give up. Oh well, another lesson must be taught, Mr. Hawkins. Get me aboard the Slipper quickly.” She smiled. “I have a plan.”

A treasure to decorate m'lady's chamber . . . Please click on the pictures below for a larger view.

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