Sweet Gifts and Karla and Beth’s Birds & Bonnets Workshop Swap

Boy, I have been so busy, it’s a little insane! I keep thinking things are going to slow down, but I’m beginning to believe that’s not going to be happening anytime soon. ;~)

This weekend I worked on finishing several different projects I've had in the making for weeks.

Plus, I received the sweetest gifts today!

The first gift is pictured below and was made by the sweetest little boy who knows that I love to garden. My neighbors have nicknamed me Farmer because I'm always puttering around in my front yard! I had given this little guy some of my paper flowers that he had admired and this is what he did with them. He made me a garden, complete with my own pond! Isn’t this just the sweetest thing? I am always amazed at the creativity of children.

The next gift is a gift I won from the lovely Karla at Karla’s Cottage for her 50th Birthday giveaway! This locket necklace is so pretty and I love the hand-painted initial tag she sent with it. She sent me this wonderful cloth patch printed with a wonderful antique image as well.

Thank you, Karla! I will treasure these goodies.

Now for Karla and Beth’s Birds & Bonnets Workshop Swap

I finally completed my panels!! They will be on their way tomorrow. The idea was to make 5 panels back and front using images supplied by Amy at The Vintage Workshop. We had some fun images to choose from. I liked the idea of creating a paper doll using the vintage wallpaper for a bodice and then adding a bonnet and vintage wall paper butterflies to complete the vignette. On the other side, I created a millinery advertisement for a Victorian milliner. I chose a blackbird image and then added a bonnet and little skirt to the bird.

This project has been fun. The first art projects I ever created were ACEO cards, so this was like coming home. I loved using all the different images and paints to create these panels. I hope my swap partners love them too.


Janet said...

What an adorable little garden that is!! Kids have the best imaginations.

Your panels are wonderful! They have such a vintage look and I love the touches of wallpaper you used. I can't imagine your swap partner not loving them.

The Rose Room said...

Gorgeous, hope I get one of your panels:) Rachael

LW said...

What lovely items from Karla.

Love your panels…great idea.
I adore paper dolls and yours look so
I have always wanted to do a Christmas tree themed
around paper doll…

what a sweet garden...and a very sweet gift...


karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Nancy, these are over the top wonderfully perfectly beautiful!!! I love the way you've done your panels!!

Sugar Bear said...

Your panels are just lovely and that little garden melts my heart!

Lori said...

what a sweet little garden that your darling neighbor boy made for you...tears instantly sprang to my eyes when i read about it...yes children are creative, but it is their innate goodness and sweetness that makes my heart sing:) thanks for sharing that, you made my day...love your goodie from Karla...and your panels are SO gorgeous!!!

Donna O. said...

No, I don't think you will be slowing down anytime soon!! I think this is your time- creativity is just all around you you so you must go with it.
Your gifts are sweet, especially form the little boy- so darling.
PS- I'm so glad you decided to share the portrait!! YOU HAD TO!!!! It's amazing.

rochambeau said...

Your panels are great Nancy! Your use of netting so that the ladies legs still show through is really fun!

Listen, YOU are one lucky girl. Karla's gifts are very nice. And your neighbor created the most beautiful (personal) rose garden and with the most amazing pond.
Very sweet.


Rosemary said...

Hi Nancy,
You have been a busy girl.
Love the little garden. How sweet.
It's like a fairy garden.
Your prizes are so pretty and thoughtful. Your panels are amazing.
You are a talented lady!!
I so admire your work.
Have a wonderful day!

Sandra Evertson said...

What a sweet little gift that tiny garden is!
Sandra Evertson

Recycled Rita said...

I am in the swap and I hope I get one! Karen...

bluemuf said...

Hi Nancy, The little garden is so lovely. What sweetheart your little friend is. I love your cards for the swap. Also, congratulations again on winning Karla's giveaway.

Hugs Karen

NeereAnDear said...

There is such an innocence in the creativity of children... what a sweet child he must be to make something so special for you....

Your goodies from karla are lovely and I especially like your creations... what a fun project that must have been to play around and make something so whimsical



Maija said...

They are fabulous!!

Treasure Barn said...

What a sweet garden. This is just adorable.

I just made my first paper dolls last week. It was fun. These are cute. I like the panel idea. What do you use them for?

Adeline's Shabby Cottage said...

It feels like forever since I've visited with you!

Love the garden!! Too cute! And the treasures from Karla...WOW!!

But those panels are FANTASTIC!!

Big hugs,

KarenHarveyCox said...

What a wonderful little garden, and what a sweet boy to give such a thoughtful gift. I love your panels, they are really beautiful. I love the designs, perhaps I will be lucky enough to have one included in mine. Lovely one-of-a-kind designs. Karen

Tracie said...

Those panels~
Always amazing, Nancy!

Cheryl said...

OH Nancy...these are the best I've seen so far! LOVE THEM!