Thank You & A Fanciful Twist

I've had a busy weekend and I'm longing to get back to those of you who left a comment on my last post. Thank you all for your comments on my sweet little safety pin. I want to especially thank Susan from Miss Maddie’s blog for her comment.

She had this to say about the pin . . . “At the turn of the century when the throne of England was preparing to pass from Queen Victoria to her son Edward, the style focused on his wife Alexandria. Having a long neck she took to wearing high collars, setting the stage for the fashion trend. If you look at photos of her she always wore such a feature on her gowns. This provided a place to put a piece of adornment, the neck or collar pin. Hers of course were diamond encrusted, but for the common woman they could be gold, silver, enameled... thus came the term pin money. Young women who now held jobs outside the home would put aside a few pence to buy these pins.”

Some of you said it was for holding lingerie together.

Then in my search I came across this . . .
“DAINTY Victorian pin measures about 1" and is gold-filled gold-washed over brass. It has an old safety pin style clasp on the back. These tiny pins were called beauty pins or lingerie pins and were often used to keep undergarments in place or were sometimes used on baby clothes. They date to around the turn of the century.”

Thanks again to everyone who left a comment and I have a little downloadable gift for you. Please feel free to copy this lovely image to use in your projects. She is one of my favorites. Please click on the images for a closer view.

Now for A Fanciful Twist!

Every once in a while you come across a truly kindred spirit. A magical soul that reaches into yours. Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist is just such a soul. I participated in The Swashbuckler Soiree hosted by Donna of the Ribboned Crown. During Donna’s lovely soiree, Vanessa was having a magical giveaway. I was shocked when she informed me that I had won!!

Yesterday my magical package arrived and with trembling fingers I opened it.

The address tag was so sweet, I cut it into a circular oval to keep. I love Vanessa’s illustrations. They are what I would want to create if I could only draw and paint.

What lovely fluffies cushioning my goodies!

I pulled out three packages.

This tiny little intriguing wrapping held the most amazing thing.

I think this will help me to find my magical door.

The second package held some wonderful postcards created by Vanessa out of her beautiful artwork and a tiny little sweet vintage mushroom. I need to use this on one of my shoes!

Then in honor of The Swashbuckler Soiree, I received the Pirate Bird. His name, he informed me as he popped out of his package is, Jack.

I tried to get a closer look at his pieces of eight and he became quite flustered. He flew around and around, and finally landed here.

He refuses to come down and says he will only set sail with the Pirate Princess of the Glass Slipper. Find her story here.

Vanessa, thank you for all my loot. I truly feel blessed!!


justjen said...

What a delightful surprise and what treasures! I'm certain that Jack will be very happy in his new perch. Fabulous chandelier. Congratulations.

Lori said...

Nancy, what a wonderful package you got from Vanessa!!! i really love the bird and he looks just amazing on your chandelier...he matches as if he had been made to perch there!!!

LiLi M. said...

Thanks for your image! I like to read what everybody thought about that amazing pin. You have received such nice gifts! I like everything; the magic glasses, the glove, everything. Very well done Vanessa! I can imagine how happy you are with all your new treasures, because they are so you (like the pirate bird in the chandelier..)

NeereAnDear said...

Oh my goodness seems I have missed so much... I had to take a break from painting for a day or so... much needed... and I didnt do much in the way of blogging either... so this week will be finishing up projects and catching up on blogs... I do have one or two more pictures and a few other things to present..

And one special project that is filling me with excitement which Nancy ... I do believe you know what that is .... cant wait

I must say.... you have some beautiful treasures from your friend at Fanciful twist... I love her faeries... her cards are quite whimsical and fun

Your beautiful pin ... be it for a collar or lingerie is stunning and how amazing that you did not throw it away.. some treasures are meant for those who will keep them safe to pass on to another who will do the same... it was meant for you to find...

Now for your doll... I am anxiously waiting to see the creation.. the dress of all dresses that you make for her... you have such a talent ...



Betzie said...

How very very very LUCKY you are Miss. Nancy!!!!
I adore Vanessa V. and own one of her magical prints!
I ADORE everything you received and so hope you find your magic door..please let me go inside with you..LOL
The bird on the chandelier is TRES MAGNIFIQUE!

maggiegracecreates said...

Nancy - I posted about this little note on my CIP blog this morning and linked back to you. I hope what I did was okay.


bluemuf said...

Hi Nancy, I so enjoyed all the comments and your research about the lovely pin. Thank you for the graphic. She is lovely.

Such magical treasures, The beautiful ring just might be what you need to find that elusive door. And of course Jack...he looks right at home sitting on your beautiful chandelier. I love how he just popped out of his package. Nancy, I love your enchanting imagination.

Hugs Karen

Maija said...

Your sweet Jack found the perfect perch in your lovely chandelier!

Sugar Bear said...

Vanessa always amazes me with her beautiful spirit and creativity.

Janet said...

Vanessa is the most amazingly creative person....I'm lucky to have won some of her postcards. I love Jack, and he looks quite at home on his perch!

Rosemary said...

Hi Nancy,
Wow!! What a great post today.
I am so glad to find out about the pin. It's so interesting, and I love finding out about how sayings come about. Your package of surprises is amazing. How lucky for your. The little bird is adorable too, and you foung the perfect spot for him.
Enjoy all of your goodies,

Meggie said...
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Ulla said...

Uuuuu Laaaaa Laaaa , FABULOASAAA! Wow!

Recycled Rita said...

You lucky girl! I love her paintings/collages! And the bird, to die for....and the chandelier....OOOO la la! I need one of those pretties in my house!
Have a great week!

Christine LeFever said...

How absolutely wonderful for you Nancy! Vanessa is a wonderful artist who delights at every turn. I had to laugh and laugh as I read this, because she is so darling and this post shows that so effectively. You did a great job sharing Vanessa with us, and I thank you for that!


Saucy said...

My mother did get me that Marie Antoinette image in lithograph form on eBay for my birthday, I so love it. A true classic.

A Fanciful Twist said...

Miss Nancy, Mr.Pirate Bird looks soooo happy on your chandelier, it is not even funny!!!!! It is like, he was meant to perch there his whooooole glittery life!!! I am so glad you loved your treasures!! I had soo much fun making them for you. I put extra work into the fairy magic that they had to have ;)

You are so delightful and have such a beautiful blog. Your wonderful spirit exudes!! xoxo

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Nancy!

I wouldn't come down either if I had found such a beautiful perch as that chandelier!! He probably feels protected since the hanging crystals are the same color as he is.
What adorable treasures you received!
Thank you for the lovely picture to download! It's nice to know what the pin was used for . Thanks for sharing with us!!
Hugs, Sherry

BailiwickDesigns said...

Fanciful indeed! What lovely gifts! I think Jack found the perfect perch.

Donna O. said...

Jack has found his home! He's just perfect there, I agree. As for Vanessa, she's just the best. I'm lucky enough to have snagged an original canvas paper doll piece a while back that my daughter grabbed and hung in her room (it does look perfect in there, I admit).
So what's the underlyimg message here? It's a Pirate's World- thanks Johnny for introducing kindred spirits!!

Sherry/Cherie said...

No one does a goodie giveaway quite like Vanessa...and once she's gifted you it's like a magical spell you never want to wake up from!! Enjoy!

Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles said...

Wow what beautiful treasures!!!
Im having a giveaway on my blog also, its to get me out of trouble with my brother.
check it out.

Meredith Teagarden said...

oooohs and ahhhh! Love all the goodies and the histrical facts on the queen and her style.

LW said...

What wonderful loot to get in the mail..
I adore Vanessa’s
artwork… she has a very enchanting style…

Interesting information about the term
It got me thinking about what little heart desire I would get with a little pin money….

I love your chandelier….Mr. Jack looks very content…


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Lucky lucky you!
And what a perfect place for Jack to perch!

I love opening presents, so this post was pure joy!

Lola Enchanted said...

Oh my goodness! All those goodies from A fanciful twist! She's amazing isn't she!!!! You deserve it! Your pretty amazing yourself!!~
Take care!

Karen from A`Musements said...

Oh what a fabulous bundle of treasures you won! How fun! I love the bird... very pretty with the hat and coins! And to get some of Vanessa's delightful artwork too... you really ARE a pirate! :-)
Very, very nice!

gilda said...

hello. i popped over from vanessa's blog. i am so amazed with her now. her package was amazing, and you are so lucky!! :)