Sweet Temptations

Here are some goodies for you to enjoy. I recently discovered two wonderful artists on Etsy.

The first artist is Donna of Cookie Sunshine. Her whimsical illustrations capture the imagination. I fell in love with the two drawings below.

I have always wanted to draw and these give me inspiration every time I look at them, though I haven’t attempted any drawing yet. ;~)

Of course the theme of the second drawing would be shoes!

The second artist is Gigi of Pinks and Needles.

I went head over heels for her adorable p√Ętisserie pins! Who wouldn’t? I’m afraid I might be addicted to these now.

I had this amazing little stool for one of my fairies and I turned it into a pin cushion for these delectable sweets.

For some more fun please check out their links here and here.

Have a Beautiful Weekend!