Too Much to Title

The wonderful Sherry from Edie Marie’s Attic has given me this award.

Thank you so much, Sherry. I feel honored to have received this. I would like to pass this award on to all the bloggers in my Wonderful Places to Visit. I’m never good at the picking and choosing, so everyone gets one!

Also . . .

I wanted to ask your opinions on blog music. What do you think? Love it? Hate it? I would love to know.

Eye Candy:

Here is a beautiful antique print I wanted to share with you. This is just precious to me, having been a dancer for so many years. This brought back memories of getting ready for my performances. The best part about dance for me: the costumes and defying gravity. I could have used a few of these little cherubs on some of my costume changes.


NeereAnDear said...

I just finished commenting on your last post only to refresh and find this one...

First I must say congratulations!! for an award that is well deserved ...

I must say that little dancer has happy feet and the cherubs are quite adorable... Love the vintage look and feel of the print... what a lucky find... I am a true fan of the ballet ... the discipline it takes to devote oneself to such a beautiful form of art is astounding ... I love to dance period.... and one of my goals once I get my foot back in shape is to take a class in ballroom dancing... I love its classy style... I am sure you were a lovely dancer... Ballet is soothing to the soul

As for blog music... I think its a matter of choice... I mostly keep my sound off... once in a while if I see a favorite on the playlist I will listen... but I am one of these people that cant concentrate on reading or typing if there is something in the background....

I do love beautiful piano music.. and soft tunes.. though

The good thing is ...if you wish to have it on your blog... it doesnt mean that someone who doesnt like it has to listen... so basically the choice is yours/theirs



Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Nancy!
You so deserve the Lovely Lady Award! I'm glad you liked it.

The picture of the dancer is so adorable! I can see why you adore it. She looks so sweet as the little cherubs tend to her costume.

The subject of music- I like mostly soft instrumental music or something I have chosen for a particular post. I chose many selections from the Secret Garden soundtrack because I love the story and it's music so much. If I hear something fabulous, classical, instrumental, easy to listen to, I try it for a time to see how it works. I try to be considerate to the reader most of the time. Music with lyrics can compete too much with text that the reader is trying to concentrate on. If I have little text I don't worry about it too much. To sum it up I like soft blog music. There's my 2 cents worth on blog music. LOL

Laaa-Laaa-Laaaaaa! Sherry

TattingChic said...

Oh, that is cool; I didn't know you were a dancer! The vintage print is lovely and congrats on your very lovely award!

Enzie at World Market Portraits said...

Nancy the print is super cute! I did not know you used to dance. Ballet or another style?

Regarding music on blogs I do not like it, especially when it starts automatically. I do like a player where the blogger shares his/her music, but gives the reader the option to play the music.

LiLi M. said...

Congrats on your award and what a lovely print, thanks for sharing. I have the sound off too. I don't read your blog from the reader, as I usually want to comment, but I read a lot of blogs from the reader.

So as Jo says; it's really up to you.

LW said...

What a lovely award…
And I just love your dancing print…very sweet.

I like music on a blog; I always have music on mine and change it around once in awhile.
Some blogs bring back wonderful memories with the music that they play…
Songs from the past that I have long forgotten about will often make me smile…

In the morning I like silences so I use the mute button but the rest of the time I enjoy the music that
is added ........


Lori said...

hi Nancy...congratulations on your award, you are a lovely lady indeed, so that is well deserved...i love that looks so delicate and sweet...i have my sound muted most of the time on my computer, i don't like music on blogs...i find it distracting, but that is just me...i know some people do really like it...

Janet said...

That is definitely an award that you deserve! Congratulations!

As for music on blogs, I never know if there is or isn't because I keep my speakers turned off! I don't like distractions when I read a blog. And when someone posts a video sometimes if there is music on the blog you get both at the same time! Doesn't work for me!

shiborigirl said...

Hi Nancy,

I also congratulate you on a much-deserved award.

And the print is so "you". Very sweet and pretty. I could used some cherubs on a daily basis to help me dress, though I'm glad I don't need corset strings pulled tight!

As for blog music, I concur that it's nice to make it a choice for the reader. Why not try it for a few weeks and see what kind of feedback you get from it?


Oh, I forgot to tell you, the main reason I stopped by today was to get your pumpkin cookie recipe. I cooked up our halloween pumpkin this week and have LOADS of it ready to use. Yum!

Margaret said...

Such a lovely award! And the detail in the print is just charming. Such cute sprites (I love the legs on that stool, too!).

ShabbyInTheCity said...

That is a precious picture. I love her feet! I love blog music...although sometimes I turn it off if it makes me country for instance...

Saucy said...

That is a lovely picture... we surely would also love to see photos of your dance costumes over the years!

Charm and Grace said...

Congratulations on your well-deserved award. I love artwork with ballerinas as the subject and this one is so lighthearted and whimsical with the cherubs tying her shoes and sash! Lovely. As for blog music, for me it depends on what the music is... classical, light, soothing...yes! Loud, driving,!


SweetAnnee said...

Oh my heavens..that is just delightful
thank you for being a caring friend..
love and hugs

SweetAnnee said...

I took the award..I'm pretty sure I'm on the list
but if not
well I'll be passing it on to others..teehee
I have some music on my blog
check it out
I turn it off if I'm not in the mood to hear others music
and the sound on if I am..Some I like some are WILD
but most are lovely..
smiles to you Nancy

rochambeau said...

Congrats on your award Nancy and thank you for passing it on.
It is fascinating to read the comments about everybodys views on music on a blog.
I can't concentrate with music.
It is sensory overload, so I just turn down my volume. Somehow it seems blogs that have music load slowly.

Have a great weekend!


Miss Sandy said...

You always find the most wonderful things! I adore this picture! Congrats on the award, it is true, you are a very lovely lady from the inside out!

As for the blog music issue, I like it if it does not have words. Listening to words and trying to read words for me is very distracting. I do love a soothing background music. I have music on my blog and often get favorable comments on my choices.

Happy Saturday!

Dolly said...

Nancy you deserve the award more then anyone I know!

Ouuu that print is beeeeautiful!
So sweet and innocent!

Music and videos on blogs are very annoying!
It takes too long to load...and is distracting.

I'd love to hear the results from this poll!

Have a wonderful weekend,
Hugz, Dolly

Donna O. said...

Hi Nancy!!! Love that print!! Now as for the music. I always keep my volume off as it distracts me when I'm reading a blog and can't concentrate so I really don't know who has music. (Don't even ask me to walk and chew gum at the same time!)

Stacey said...

Cute print- Some of the accents look hand painted:)
As for the music, I'm not a fan. I listen to I Tunes as I blog read and the blogs which have songs always play simultaneously with my personal music... So, it's like a discordant hodgepodge of sound. So, I have to just turn the music off...
But I will still LOVE your blog if you do decide to go with music:)

Mildred said...

I adore the antique dance print. It certainly is lovely and I'm sure a happy reminder to you. I love instrumental music on a blog. If there are lyrics, my feeble mind tries to sing along and I can't concentrate reading!

suzeeez said...

I love the great photo of the dancer and little cherubs. I love finding a special piece like that,it's adorable.
:o) Sue

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

I've not posted many comments...a bit intimidated by your exquisite blog. It reminds me of the overwhelming feeling that took my breath when visiting Seattle this past weekend. There was much beauty to behold!
Congratulations on your award.
The photo is so precious. I studied ballet in my (much) younger years. It took a lot of discipline. I perused other dance venues latter in my life. The love of ballet still remains in my heart. I tease my husband by telling him, the reason I married him was, he's the only boyfriend brave enough to take me to the Nutcracker when we were dating. Please share with us pictures of your days of dance.

Sweet Wishes,

Fleur de Bee said...

A few bloggers told me you had this up on your blog...I have been out of town and busy busy but made a special visit here and I LOVE this!!! I danced professionally for 9 THIS Ballerina is green with envy over this LOL! What a stunning treasure! I had no idea you danced! You will have to share as I would love to know!

Have a most creative weekend!

Molly xo