Natasha's Questions

Natasha left me a comment about the Photobucket tutorial I just posted. I wanted to answer it here for everyone to see, because I have the same problem.

Here is the comment:

Thanks for the excellent tutorial Nancy! I always got stuck at that bit where I changed the width and got annoyed that I had to change the height too, but now you've shown us to just delete that bit! Yay!

I wanted to ask you, or anyone, if you have the same problem as I do, which drives me nuts.... when uploading this way, using bloggers uploading tool and using the bit where you paste in your own URL as we have just done here..... I always want to upload five photos at a time, yet blogger ALWAYS shuffles the order now. it never used to do that, and now it goes all weird on me.... anyone else have that problem???

Here is my answer:

Hi Natasha!

Unfortunately, I have this problem too. I thought maybe Blogger was uploading them alphabetically, but that wasn't it. Then I thought Blogger was uploading them in the order they appeared in my Photobucket, and that wasn't it!

My conclusion is that it is a flaw in Blogger's URL buIk uploader. Something we just have to live with. I usually write out my post and figure out where I want the photos and load one at a time. Sometimes, I will use the bulk uploader and will just cut and paste the Html code for the photos where I want it. I know this is a bit of a pain, but it’s worth it to me because of the photo quality. The process goes pretty quickly for me now. I wish I had a better answer.

If there is anyone out there that’s figured out how to manipulate Bloggers Bulk URL uploader to upload your photos in the order you like, please let me know. I will post your answer here on my blog.


Natasha Burns said...

Thanks Nancy! Dang, thought it was just me....oh well, will have to keep doing it the way I've been doing it and hope they fix it... or that someone has a magical solution! xo

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Nancy! Well, this is what I've discovered on Blogger....I can upload five photos at a time from my hard drive but have to choose them from last to first. Each time you upload more photos, choose the photos you want to appear last in your post and work down to the photos that will be first. I go in and add returns between photos to insert text to describe them. I don't think I've helped much but I wanted to comment and let you know what I do. I hope you are doing great Nancy ~ xxoo, Dawn

Efrat Dalton said...

The way I do it, I add my photos first starting from the last one to my first and than I add my text in between. They really need to fix this's so annoying.

LiLi M. said...

Sorry I cannot help. As I told you before, I'm working with a Mac.

Natasha Burns said...

THought i'd come back and see if anyone had some insights about it... I too upload my photos last to first, drives me nuts that we can't just put the cursor where we want it and place the photo there. Or, shuffle around the photo order once uploaded.... without then making the photo un-clickable. That's where typepad has it all over blogger, and one of the reasons I considered switching. But even uploading backwards to forwards, I'm finding that blogger STILL shuffles the order of my photos to whatever they think is right, lol, instead of the way I set it up. I am loving though, that you have shown us how the code works in the previous post. That was an awesome tutorial Nancy! xo

TattingChic said...

I have found that if I have my blogger in "compose mode" while editing a post that once the photos have been uploaded I click on the photo I want moved and drag it over to the down (or up) arrow on the side of the editing field and while staying clicked on that arrow it will move the editing field to where I want to put the photo...
then I drop it on the spot I want.

This only works in "compose mode" not "HTML mode".
Let me know if that helps or not, K?

Connie said...

Dawn is exactly right and I've sent Natasha an email explaining this also. But I use the copy/paste and/or the cut/paste a LOT on my photos, ladies. That has never failed me anyway. But I usually just load them from the last to the first when I'm uploading them here. I may start using photobucket to do it though as I have had a paid account for several years and love them. It just requires an extra step and I'm soooooo into easy! But no problem at all if I want them bigger.

Nancy, I pulled that narcissus off onto my desktop and it was 1944 pix wide and 872 KB and that's pretty large in terms of having them load fast. I also noticed that you're getting 180 DPI. How are you achieving this, sweetpea? Mine are usually 72 DPI. I simply want to have beautiful photos! I'm very visual. Can you help with the answers? Thanks, chickee.......

Natasha Burns said...

Hello Nancy!~ thanks for emailing me to let me know about TattingChic's comment about dragging and dropping. I know I emailed you back but wanted to share with your readers what i have experienced with this, and also to answer Connie's point too.

I am aware of the dragging and dropping in compose mode thing that blogger can do. I thought it was great, until I realised long ago that by doing this, you are no longer allowing your photo that you move, to be clicked on and enlarged. So to have a photo in large format that can be clicked on and looked at in detail, do not drag and drop it in compose mode because that disables the "clickability" of the photo. It's a blogger BLIP and it is completely annoying. Typepad do not have this problem :(

The other thing too, i know about uploading last to first, 10 back to one or whatever. This seems to work ONLY if you let blogger host your photos. Which we then know, you can't get photos to look larger on your blog, the whole point of your wonderful tutorial! When you paste codes into blogger's uploader, like photobucket codes, where you are hosting elsewhere, no matter what order you place them in, ten back to one.... blogger will be SURE to shuffle the order of at least one photo. It never used to do this. It's only since last October that I have noticed blogger has this glitch.

Case in point, my current blog post 25 Feb "Jewellery too?" ~ I had to drag and drop a few photos because even though i uploaded them in reverse order where i wanted them, they STILL uploaded in the incorrect order. So i dragged and dropped them in compose mode. The last two photos on my post, plus a few more, cannot be clicked on and enlarged. They're the pics I moved.

Unfortunately, blogger has a lot of glitches in their photo uploading that typepad do not have. Hopefully they'll fix them~!!!!

Thanks for all your helpful posts on this Nancy! xo