Make Halloween Happier for Everyone

Hi, everyone,

I would like to wish you all a wonderful day!

There is something that has come to my attention in the last few days, as I was preparing to go out on my yearly Halloween candy-buying trek. At first I was crushed by this information, but I’m now glad that I know about it, and realize that I need to be better informed about the products I’m buying. I have placed links for you to read. I encourage you to please take the time to do this. I think this is world-changing information.

This Halloween we will be passing out fair trade chocolate. It's important to know where the products we consume are being produced, and who they are being produced by. Child slave labor should never be an option. Unfortunately, it seems that child slave labor is used on many cocoa farms. The thing that shocked me the most is that these big corporations know about this child endangerment and enslavement.

Fair trade chocolate provides a great alternative that brings peace of mind to our family.


June said...

I will be checking out these links Nancy! We have the power to change this and I will have educate myself better about this.
Thank you for this post!
Have a happy night with your family!
hugs from here...

Chy said...

Thanks for the information. Too late for us this year but we love Denman Island chocolate, so maybe an alternative for next year. We handed out licorice, sour patchkids and chocolate but very few kids, so we have tons of leftovers. I'll probably donate them now instead of eating and will make a much more informed choice next year.

Lovely blog. Thanks for sharing!

Palomasea said...

Thank you ,Nancy, so much for this enlightening information. I always have Fair Trade in the back of my mind, but I was not aware of the extent of this problem. I plan to forward this info to others.
Thank you again...

Beautiful blessings to you,
- Irina

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Thank you for the info Nancy... this is a problem with so many products... my son has made us aware of such things and it's horrible. I wasn't aware of the chocolate issues but it makes sense. Child slave labor is a real problem in this world and we all need to have awareness.

Blessings to you and yours, Sherry

Ivy and Elephants said...

Thanks for the enlightenment. With knowledge comes power.

Marysol said...

I can't seem to get the links to work for me, so I'll try again later.

Nancy, I've been away from blogging, and I've missed you, and can't wait to catch up.

Happy weekend!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Nancy, I do NOT know how I missed this post. THANK YOU for this information, although we never give out candy. BUT, the more I learn about the products that are out there for our consumption and the connection to undesirable practices, the more I want to live more simple. Dearest, I have a new email and I don't have yours:

AND I KNOW that you were interested in a sea fairy print. They are up on my Etsy shop, that has been operating now for two weeks with many orders! Come by when you can. Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

NANCY!!!!!!! Soooooo good to see you visit today...I do NOT KNOW what is wrong with my blogroll....when I checked it this morning, your blog did not appear there. I have missed many posts! AND thank you for wanting a print of the castle. When you are ready, there will be one ready for you! My Etsy has been fun and keeping me so busy!


Margaret said...

Thank you for the post! My family usually gets all of our chocolate from Colombia - it's not fair trade, but at least we know the working conditions that the people are in.