Small Treasures Come out to Play

Wow! Summer is over for me. It’s back to work.

I’ve had some lovely comments from you, my dear blogging friends. I truly miss you all. I’m sorry for the lack of visiting during this season, but life has been extraordinarily full. I’ll be blogging as I can.

Below are some small treasures that make me smile. I hope you enjoy!



Blessed Serendipity said...

I have missed your pretty posts. Such lovely items in your home. That painted piece (is it a desk?) is gorgeous! Love the brooch too. Hope you had a wonderful summer.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello there dear Nancy!

Good to see your photos again. May your new fall adventure be fruitful, but REST as much as you can; I know....I made my decision to not return full-time based so much on how the stress was affecting me. Be well and we love you! Anita

Recycled Rita said...

They are all beautiful treasures. I love the handpainted intricate! Thanks for sharing!

June said...

Hello dear Nancy.
I don't think I know anybody that enjoys life and knows the true meaning of why we are, than you! You find beauty in every detail, in every petal, and in every surrounding.
I have learned so much from you!
Thank you for being who you are.
sending love...

Palomasea said...

Beautiful Nancy, hello!
That is exciting that your hubby won an iPad..those are fun!
I haven't succumbed yet, but the word is that the kids at middle school will be getting them in the near future...oh boy. As much as I try to keep my DD's technology to an absolute minimum...what can I do if the school is handing these out.
I admit, they are really fun to play with, aren't they?
Again, thank you for sharing these gorgeous treasures...and for coming to see me! It is always a joy to read your kind words...
I hope to spend some time with your beloved family next week.
I'm glad you liked that chocolate quote...I giggle every time I think of it, and I find myself saying it to myself every now and then...always makes me laugh! :))
Have a splendid week, dear friend..
- Irina

Chatelaine said...

Love to read your short but meaningful posts. Such a treat!

The box is beyond beautiful. I am sure it looks lovely in your home.

The Rose Room said...

as always, beautiful treasures and beautiful photos! Rachael xo