All is Calm and a slideshow of our new bathroom

A quiet has settled over our little home. With all the construction shenanigans going on around here it's a very welcome peace.

I want to decorate for Christmas this weekend so I've been cleaning and moving furniture back to where it belongs.

The bathroom is almost finished. We still need to paint the walls and finish some of the tile work. The slideshow below shows the old bathroom shower and sink and the new look. The photos aren't the greatest. Sorry about that. This project has taken 11 weeks (almost three months)! We never thought it would take this much time, effort or money. What was supposed to be a simple shower replacement turned into a major deal. I'll be back with more photos after we paint and mud over the old tile shower. The old shower was such a tight space, we used to call it the shaft.


Blessed Serendipity said...

It's beautiful Nancy. Enjoy!


June said...

It must feel so good to have your bath done this far. It is a gorgeous room Nancy! I imagine you are having a wonderful time with your new camera. Your photos are beautiful and I have to tell how much I love your style! It is full of so much grace and serenity.
hugs from me...

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

NANCY!!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING LOOKS GREAT! You will have to tell us the details but it all looks great! I hope you can figure out the camera; it is an OK camera, and I always tried my best with it but hopefully with your expertise you can make it do what you want. I am loving my new Canon, but need to learn how to work with the features that will give me the light I want. Did you like my ballet tutu in paper? I think the lighting for that came out nicely.


à la parisienne said...


I have lived through a bathroom remodel, and I can feel your relief and excitement!

Your tile choices are gorgeous! I love the marble look around the sink and the small gray tiles in the shower. You will feel like your visiting the Ritz every time you enter your bathroom...Now you just need some oversized fluffy white towels, a bathrobe, some wonderful bars of soap and you're there!



The Rose Room said...

beautiful! you won't know yourself! Rachael xo

Ivy and Elephants said...

Nancy, it is just lovely! I'm so happy you are all finished just in time for the holidays. Great choices!

Palomasea said...

Oh Nancy....I am so glad you have some peace and quiet...and what a BEAUTIFUL SPACE!
Calming, luxurious it.
Enjoy the season, dear friend!
- Irina

Chatelaine said...

You must be so excited to have a shiny new bathroom! I know it has been torture but it looks like it was worth it. Love the tile and the sconces add a little romance.

So happy you have a beautifu new room.

Auntie Cake said...

Hooray for a brother and sister-in-law who sends a camera in the mail!!! Love, love, love your new bathroom, so glad for you that it's nearing the end of completion. Hopefully you can get your sweet home all tucked in and ready for Christmas! Enjoy your beautiful new space, it's amazing! All the finishes you picked out are beautiful!

Wishing you a very wonderful Christmas with loved ones near!