Well it's been an amazing adventure and things are still pretty wild, but in the midst of it all there have been blessings. My wonderful brother and SIL sent me their Olympus camera. I'm on a big learning curve with this camera and while it's an older camera, she still takes great photos.

Canon you have competition.

It's also been 11 weeks without a shower in our home. We're finally setting tile today. Yippee! We hit so many snags with this forced redo that I may write a book about it!

This tile is a selection for our new bathroom.

Below are two projects that brought me sanity in the midst of craziness.

A Christmas ornament wreath made with wire.

A golden olive wreath

When I put our house back together, I'll put it on a white wall.

I'm having so much fun getting to know this Olympus camera. Ruben and Anita thank you so much for this lovely gift. Words can not tell you how much this means to me. When my camera was stolen I was heartbroken. My heart is on the mend now and it's been a happy day.

Thank you to all my blogging friends who've been so encouraging. I couldn't have made it through without you. Wishing you all joy, love, and peace.


Ivy and Elephants said...

I'm so happy for you Nancy. Anita is such a sweetie. The world shouldn't be deprived of your gorgeous pictures.
Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

June said...

Hi Nancy! Your wreath of Christmas balls is truly gorgeous! You have certainly gotten the hang of your new camera my friend! Your photos are beautiful. I also love the tile you have chosen for your new bath.

I am so glad that things are finally getting back to normal at your house. I can't even imagine how thrilled you will be to get this all behind you.

The olive branches will stand out perfectly on a white wall. I hope you will show pics of it when it gets to it's final home.
sending hugs...

Chatelaine said...

I am so glad your family came through for you! I could not live without my camera! What a beautiful ornament wreath. Looking forward to seeing the renovations.

Marysol said...

Well Nancy, you go ahead and play with the new camera to your heart's content; surely we will all reap the benefits.

I've missed reading your posts. And I needed to take a moment before TG to take a peek into your magical and inspiring world, and wish you a very warm and happy Thanksgiving!

And to whoever stole your Canon...PHHHBBBT!

Palomasea said...

YAY for you, dear Nancy...and for dear Anita and Ruben!!!
Your photos are terrific...what a wonderful gesture! Oh, I'm so happy that you are posting again, dear friend!!
Beautiful creations here, and the clear ornaments look like sparkly bubbles...I just love it...
Hopefully your home will be all yours again very soon. The tiles are so pretty...
Wishing you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving, sweet Nancy!
Light and love,
- Irina

Unknown said...

Hello lovely friend and how happy I am that your beautiful brother and Anita sent you your new Olympus baby! Oh how I share in your joy and do appreciate your new photographs very much!

ALso, it good to hear about your new shower finally being installed.

And ....thank you for your prayers for Lois~ She was set free and thankfully I'm doing well too!!

Love and thanksgiving to you~

Unknown said...

Hi Nancy,
It's me again and since I'm working my way back up the comments, I just received your other beautiful message. Thank you for caring for me and for my mom. THank you for your lovely comment after she passed!!


Ivy and Elephants said...

Hi Nancy,
Just popped in to say hello.
Hope the renovation is going well.
I can't wait to see it.
Have a great week!

Melissa Bishop said...

That wreath is divine!