Fall has Flown and A Fun Idea


Long time no blog. I hope you are all doing well.

Our Fall festivities are fully underway . . . I've started some early decorating for Christmas too. I just couldn't help myself. I'll be back soon with another post on that.

Also, I've been rummaging about with the idea of opening a blog shop for a short period of time. I have some lovely items I am ready to pass on. If there is any interest out there let me know.

 photo 758c0618-1f91-4642-bcaf-8ccc3aad40c1_zpsfc4ff1eb.jpg

 photo 217cad7a-4114-447f-94c2-9d58a64e13d6_zps2675286e.jpg

 photo 88c56831-a015-4562-9323-acc76edda14e_zps9cdc9bd2.jpg

 photo 3598a133-72c8-4bee-a627-97590cec9eee_zpse0981d2d.jpg


A traveller in time said...

Hahahaha Of course there is interest! Let's see the goodies!

Palomasea said...

Your decor is always beautiful and inspirational, dear Nancy! So good to see you back at your blog! I hope Autumn is going well, and that you are finding some time for yourself....
Cold weather is slowly creeping in here, but many of the trees are still green...so we are enjoying that while it lasts!
Take care, and I am sending a hug....
- Irina

Marysol said...

Nancy, it is possible you and I may just be seasonal bloggers :)

I'm happy to see you and your starry pumpkin, and the amber glass pumpkins too. Want it all.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dear, dear Nancy,

I am finally here!

Talk about the school year being busy? WOW, teaching secondary is fun and I love it, but the amount of conferencing that goes on is wild! I just had conferences last night from 4-8 and I am exhausted. I saw your comment earlier in the day but was unable to come here until now, 4:30AM!

I hope to talk soon! We are both busy with our charges, but Ruben and I HOPE to make a trip to CA for Christmas; my auntie C. died last week and is being buried TODAY, but I cannot go to the service. We hope to spend at least 4 days with my family and yours during Christmas.

I SO WISH I could see you!

What items are you selling?


June said...

Your fall decor is beautiful dear Nancy. I can't wait to see the Christmas you are doing. I haven't started anything yet, but I did make a list of ideas.
Of course we want to see the goods you are letting go of my dear :)))
hugs from here...

Palomasea said...

Bonjour, dear Nancy! What a treat to see your message! I am so sorry...sometimes it takes me a few days to sit down with blogger, so the comments are there until I push "publish"....
Your visits are always very special, and I will be sure to get those recipes to you....
Hugs and blessings,
- Irina

Chatelaine said...

OH yes! Love all your décor. What are you selling?