The Lightness of Being

My minimalist tendencies have taken me over. In the last few years, I've embraced the aesthetic of living with less. I know this isn’t for everyone, but I have found a freedom in shedding the superfluous items that filled our rooms and took up our time caring for them.

Recently one of our family members said this to me.

“When too many items filled my space, I had two voices in my head. One said, 'Keep it! It'll look great on that shelf.' The other said, 'Get rid of everything!' Stuck between those two extremes I was taking no action at all. And as more things filled my space, I was stuffing it in closets or under my bed. I finally realized that after I stored something away, I couldn't remember what it was. It wasn’t important enough to me to even think about anymore. The day I finally realized it was time to let go was a day of true independence for me. I no longer had anything weighing on me. The freedom I experienced was worth more than all the things I spent so much time worrying over.”

I was so happy that they had come to a place of peace with their stuff and had found freedom in letting go. I’m still on my journey of letting go and learning to create spaces that are cozy with less. I think this is an area the minimalist world could work on. Showing others that living with less can still be a warm and inviting experience is an important step in helping others who want to lighten their load, but are afraid they will have to live in a sterile environment if they choose a minimalist lifestyle.

Here is a little of what I’ve been doing in our home.

 photo b44ab3e6-eac4-401e-9de9-214b0d505788_zpse5abad49.jpg

I've sold many of our larger furniture pieces. I found this small table that I use as a tray for drinks in the living room. In the meantime it does double duty in our music room as a place to put a simple vase of flowers. I love the idea of having furniture for multiple uses in our home.

 photo 7e38f661-45a9-44b8-8a33-1213a3966ff2_zps32dcb9ae.jpg

 photo 7cfda03c-8b9c-4700-b330-e65f8a1235b9_zps13063284.jpg

 photo 769e84bf-13a2-4cbb-b1fc-d296fbb6e734_zpsc693d81b.jpg

 photo 41170051-5cc1-4493-9159-13040da51788_zpsaeff0a23.jpg

 photo fe71925b-c12b-4d1c-9ec3-1160596b2714_zps7aa18305.jpg

My next major project is sorting through family photos and deciding how best to store them.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Nancy, you and me both are minimalists, but you may not be able to tell that YET. But I've opted only to have that which is soothing in my house,and preferably something that is vintage/antique.

The white and gray with a pop of silver/gold and AQUA are all fine for me!

Thank you for coming to visit. It's been a long time since I've seen you post, and it's always good to see what you are up to! We are fine, writing a lot, and I am now freelance writing for a magazine, while enjoying a part-time status as French teacher at the high school and middle school in the district I've been working for over the last 11 years.I wish we could have coincided our visits during Christmas, but hopefully you can come out here one day? I'd love it!


June said...

You have such a wonderful way to make me think I could do it too Nancy. I love the simplicity of your style. I have a bad habit of falling totally in love with the things in my life and making it so hard to part with them.
I hope you are having a good spring so far dear friend.
many hugs...

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Bonjour Nancy! I am on spring break, and it is wonderful to wake up to start my day writing. I am currently teaching just French part time in the same district where I was before, and I'm loving the middle and high school age. What's great about it too is that this lighter load is allowing me to write freelance, and I'm currently writing for a magazine! I'm published in it, with my poetry and more articles coming out in June.

YES, I was impressed and transformed by our visit to your abode and convinced that simpler means comfort and peace in the home. We have painted all the walls "Frost" and most of the furniture in the front part of the house is white, sparse and gray. I LOVE IT! I am currently painting a small French provincial table (circa 1960) with Annie Sloan paint and when I saw your post yesterday and saw your beautiful Gustavian style table here, it perfected my vision on how to paint my table. I had started out with a white, final coat, wanting to sand down to exposed gray. But by looking at your table, I see what I really want: a gray final coat with sanding down to white AND a bit of the wood. I started to work on it yesterday, and VOILÀ! got the look I want.

Well my dear, we miss you. Hopefully another trip out your way will be in our plans! LOVE YOU!

Marysol said...

Hola querida,

You and I have had the same problem. Stuff (Albeit, lovely stuff).
Except, you were brave enough to do something about it, whereas I'm still struggling to 'let go,' without losing sleep.

I recently managed to put up a few pieces of pottery online. All the while hoping no one would bid on them. I may have the acquisitive tendencies of a hoarder supreme.

In any case, I am trying, and your words have inspired me, once again.

Btw, next time you have a sale, I would appreciate it if you could shoot me an email... :)

victorian parlor II said...

Your décor is lovely!!! I look forward to seeing more pics:).