Sparkly Fun!

I purchased this gorgeous piece online and had to post its loveliness.

This is the online picture.

Here it is lit by candlelight in my home.

I can imagine a table full of these for Christmas!
Until Monday...Have a beautiful Weekend :<)


Paris Bebe Fabrics said...

Oh! That is so delightfully beautiful!


joy said...

So Lovely! Where exactly did you get it online? I just found your blog through Heather Bluhm! Your style is similar to what I like! I am going to add you to my blog! Smiles! Joy..........

Clare said...

Hi Nancy,

What a very prety object. I love the 'Santo' you posted, really beautiful - I could be tempted to start a collection of such lovely things. Wonderful photos of seasonal California too.

Thanks so much for visiting my website - have a great weekend!

Clare x

Fete et Fleur said...

Hi Joy! So glad you found me!! I found this lovely item through Their page is down right now for some construction on their site. They are the wholesaler for this piece but they list a bunch of different retailers you can buy it from. I really lucked out and got this item very inexpensively before the price was raised. I think it retails from $40.00 to $42.00 now. The product is designed by Tord Boontje and the design is called
"Now". You might try a query on google to see if you can track it down that way. I hope that helps!! Thanks for stopping by.

:<) Nancy

Do you have a blog I can visit?

Fete et Fleur said...

Thank you for visiting Clare. Your new shop and blog are lovely!!

:<)Nancy XX

Fete et Fleur said...

Thank you so much for visiting Robin. Your fabrics are to die for!! ;<)


donna O. said...

How very different- I like YOUR photo so much better!
I saw all of your other photos, too. Very pretty her.
Thanks for the visit!!