Wonderful Friends

10:00 in the morning and the day is already off to a busy start. Then the phone call comes. “Hi! I’m going to be in town in two hours and would love to drop by and visit. Do you have time?” DO I have time, I answer? Yes, please come!

Then I fly around in a flurry to make the house presentable. Quickly put on some chicken soup and rice for a cozy lunch.

The knock comes at the door and there is your sweet smiling face. The embrace and “I haven’t seen you forever.” We have our chicken and rice and talk about our lives since we last saw each other, giggling about all the crazy things that have happened. Then we cozy up on the couch afterwards for more fun chatter. After a while, a serious conversation on politics, and thankfully back to giggling after we have depressed ourselves.

Time to go… (so sad) :(

“I’ll miss you…”

Until next time, my kindred friend. Thank you for stopping by.

“Remember me…”

How could I ever forget? You are in my heart always…


Shabbyfufu said...

Welcome to Bloglandia sweet Nancy! I will try and pop in for a visit when I can....although mine will be on~line! XO~ Janet (Shabbyfufu)

Miss Sandy said...

Thank you so much for your recent visit to my blog and for your kind comments. I love the simplicity of the look of your home photos and fall in Cali looks wonderful! Do tell a little about your pretty table with the balls of string on it. The design looks so intriging. Congratulations for taking "the leap" into blogland! I'll be back!
Miss Sandy

Fete et Fleur said...

Thank you both for visiting! The little table is actually a purchase I made from Janet Coon of Shabbfufu. The lovely lady who's comment comes before yours. It is decoupaged with beautiful little cherub scences. It is one of my favorite pieces of furniture! Thank you so much for asking. Nancy

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Hi Nancy,

What a wonderful post. Anyone lucky enough to visit you would be blessed!
xo Lidy

Lacy said...

I feel so blessed to read your posting about our visit the other day. I only wish they could happen more often, as they did "in the old days". Your site here reflects your home, peaceful, beautiful, sweet, and these all reflect the person you are. I'm glad you did this blog, so that when I'm missing you and your company, I can come here and feel right at home.