Doll Challenge and Eye Candy!

Hi Everyone!

Today I'm participating in Lori's Doll Challenge. Thanks Lori for hosting such a fun event!

A couple of years back circumstances caused me to have to sell the few dolls I owned. This is not a sad thing. I was ready to move on and let them find new homes. I kept pictures of two of my favorite sweeties and I have posted them below. I’ve included a little eye candy for you all to enjoy too.

This beautiful dolly is holding one of my faeries

She also got a hold of my signature powder puff

This one had the loveliest face!


The Bride
She is going to be made into a wonderful dolly to sell. I haven't decided what she will wear yet.

Beautiful worn slippers from the early 20th Century

A pretty Victorian calling card

You can find more of these lovely little party hats here.

Doll Booties

I have a question for all you doll owners out there. Have you ever noticed how worn out antique doll shoes are?

I think long ago when children still believed in fairy tales there was enough magic in the world to make dolls come to life, but only at night away from doubting eyes. When they awakened they would have grand balls. In the morning their shoes would be threadbare just like in the tale of the twelve dancing princesses. This would account for the worn out doll shoes we see in antique stores today. What do you think?

Mother of Pearl Buttons

If you’d like to see my small collection of Faeries you can visit this link.

For more wonderful dolls please checkout Lori's blog here.

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Have a Beautiful Day!

P.S. For more fun visit this post here.


Natasha Burns said...

Nancy your dolls' faces are so precious! It's lovely you have photos of the ones you had to let go.
I am drooling over those slippers!!! I've never seen anything like them before!

Oh and yes isn't it funny about doll shoes being worn out? I have a couple of dolls on my blog now and they had the painted shoes and the feet are all worn as though they have been partying all night!

Lori said...

Nancy, thanks for sharing your beautiful dolls! i am quite smitten with the gorgeous shoes, oh my they are SO lovely!!! i love your theory on how the shoes get so worn, i do so hope they are from dancing all night!!!

LW said...
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LW said...

Nancy your dolls are beautiful….
I cannot wait to see what you do with the bride doll.
I adore the doll booties…Lovely post.

and about the doll shoes I think you may be right...


Scrappy Jessi said...

gorgeous dolls today!!! thanks for sharing.

Linda said...

What a pitty you had to let go of some of your beautiful dolls. Luckily you took photos of them they are so sweet. Thanks for showing us all that lovely eye candy.
Cheers Linda

nene said...

"Oh I love your collection you have shared." Very stunning to look at. They are so beautiful!!

I hope you stop by and see my collection for my daughter;-))

Babsarella said...

What totally beautiful the pretty shoes too.

Donna O. said...

Hi N- yes, what IS with the bottom of the shoes wearing away? I'm with you on that. Love the first to dolls- hopefully they are living the high life somewhere.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh my, what a beautiful post!! Everything is gorgeous! I love your doll with the fairy, she is gorgeous! And oh the doll you are making to sell is beautiful, I would like to have her, lol!


Anonymous said...

Oh my...that's wonderful eye candy for sure!!! Everything is just exquisite!!! Those shoes are gorgeous!! And what a sweet theory that is!! :)

*hugs* Dara

HopHopJingleBoo said...

what a delightful blog, must add you to my list! sorry you had to say good bye to your dollies.. and i often have thought why doll shoes are so woren out?! as they never walk about or do they when we are sleeping?!oh and love the pearl buttons..

Stefanie said...

Your dolls are adorable.I´m sorry that you had to sell them. Glad you have so wonderful pictures to share with us.
Nice theory, I think about that :o)

You have a lot of wonderful pearl buttons.

NeereAnDear said...

Nancy LOVE your dolls ... they are gorgeous... and the slippers oh my ... simply stunning and elegant...

I really love your little story on how the shoes get worn out... does make you kind of wonder doesnt it?

It is such a pleasure to visit your blog... I always feel as if I am in a little bit of heaven



Du Buh Du Designs said...

I think the redhead is wonderful as are all of the ones you showed:) I understand letting dolls go. They bring you happiness and then it's time for them to move on and spread more joy to others.
And yes, even my husband thinks dolls walk around at night when we are asleep or arent looking:)
Thanks for sharing!

angelasweby said...

Your dolls are so pretty and bring to mind long ago era.
If you put your ear close, you can hear them laughing and chattering about the wonderful adventures they get up to when everyone else has gone to bed. No wonder their beautiful satin slippers are worn to shreds and their eyes are sparkling with excitement.
Oooh, what a beautiful collection of Mother of Pearl buttons. Now THAT makes my eyes sparkle :>)
Warm wishes Angela

Sugar Bear said...

Very beautiful dolls! I don't really have any dolls believe it or not. Those slippers are exquisite.

Rosemary said...

Thanks so much for sharing you beautiful dolls. I especially like the bride, and of course the shoes.
You have the prettiest things.

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

I do believe they come alive when we all sleep... perhaps dancing throughout our dreams without our ever knowing? Maybe this is why my head hurts some days... tapping on my brain to see if it's working??? :) Happy dollmaking, Monica :)

p.s. yes, I'll be happy to cover all doll news pertaining to our lady Love Squared on my blog. How Xciting!

bluemuf said...

Nancy, I love the pictures you have of your past dolls. But, I love "The Bride" I can't wait to see what you do with her. And, the eye candy is wonderful, as always. I heart those slippers.

Hugs Karen

cherished*vintage said...

I can see why the doll in the first picture was one of your favorites. She is absolutely beautiful! You have shown us so many gorgeous things today, thanks so much! Maybe that's what I hear in the middle of the night in my girls room...their dollies celebrating!

Julie - Pink Paris Match said...


All I can say is WOW! Thanks for all the beautiful "eye candy"! I will have to visit here more often!

Julie Bergmann

vivian said...

Your dolls are beautiful! the one you like with the beautiful face, reminds me of my mother some how!
sweet collection!

Miss.Maddie's said...

Oh Nancy, I think you're right
That dollies do come out at night,
To dance about in the bright moonlight,
But only for a child's delight!
Your dolls are beautiful and I'm sure most treasured in their new homes.

shirl said...

The dolls are just beautiful, but OH do I love the slippers! I love ribbon work! The buttons are georgous also! Thank you for visiting and sharing. I love your blog and I'm adding you to my favorites list!
Shirl's Rose Cottage

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Your dolls are so sweet, so pretty! And the eye candy is wonderful! And yes, dolls DO dance at night with the fairies. I'm positive of it!
Hugs, Sherry

Laurie said...

The dolls are fabulous, and the blog is enchanting! :)

Secondhandrose said...

Dancing all night...I too go thru so many pairs of shoes that way! lol . Thanks for the pics. Are the first 2 dollies antiques? They are beautiful.

Shabbyfufu said...

Love the slippers Nancy.....and your white button collection too:-) ~XO~Janet

Mica said...

nancy. Hello, Just popping in to say hello. I know you chit chat with my SIL's. Jeannene and lori..... Love your dolly's. they are beautiul I am a collector myself and love to make doll's of course. hee hee. I woulsd sure l;ove to see what you come up with making the china doll!! Hope to see it soon. Hugs, Mica
From Garb-oodles Soup

Lola Enchanted said...

Your dolls are sweet! YOur shoes are simply to die for!!!!!!~

Pinkie Denise said...

Oh what a lovely collection Nancy, thanks for sharing and those shoes amazing Pinkie Denise

Sandy said...

What a fabulous collection and I agree that the possibilities are endless with doll heads. Thanks for stopping by. I love the 12 dancing Princesses and I love your explanation on why doll shoes are worn out!


KarenHarveyCox said...

It is so nice that you have photographs of your dolls that you don't have anymore. I love those slippers and your images are so gorgeous. Karen


Nancy, I believe you must be right. That would account for all the worn out slippers, I've noticed it too. And the Mother of Pearl buttons are simply beautiful.
Hugs, Coll :-}

Lady Em said...

Hey there!! I'm popping over from The Feathered Nest. I saw your blog and thought I'd visit. I love your blog, and your shoes to!! I'll drop in from time to time! It's very nice to meet you!!
~Lady Em~

Tracie said...

Oh Nancy,
This is a beautiful post. I believe the doll with the loveliest face (as you put it) - because they all have beautiful faces, looks like she should be in Le Moulin Rouge. She's got the color, the excitement in her face - Can Can Can!

I agree with your theory about the threadbare shoes... My cousin told me when I was a child that her dolls would get up at night and she could hear them having a party in her closet, I've always remembered that and you brought back that sweet memory.

Now, about those glorious slippers, what's the story behind the beauties? One can only dream.

Beautiful, as always!

Lori Garbarino said...

Nancy, I just love your dollies and i just love the little fairy! you know I love your fairy's ! what sweet pictures! The slippers are gorgeous and I too am very sure out Dolls have worn thier slippers dancing the night away!.

I can't wait to see the China Bride doll!

Great post.

The Rose Room said...

Beautiful post Nancy, beautiful dolls and beautiful treasures. I love the 12 Dancing Princess's, I think you are correct! Rachael

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

And I love, love the little vintage shoes!! Your blog is beautiful.

BailiwickDesigns said...

Hello, just found your blog. I always believed my beloved Breyer horses came alive at night and would gallop up and down the hallway.

Those slippers are beautiful! I wish I had a pair like that in my size! And of course I love the buttons - I collect them too.


Lori said...

Thank you so for visiting! Dolly's will be posted soon! Such a beautiful post! I too, noticed the worn soles of doll shoes! Did you buy any chance notice older dolls look worn from good hard play and love. Todays worn dolls just look like they've been left out in the rain for the dog to chew! lol Have a wonderful week, will visit very soon! Lori

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

'Eye-candy' indeed - everything is so yummy here!
(LOVE those slippers!)

Elly said...

Everything is sóóó lovely, your dolls, the slippers, the booties... I love it all!!!

Lorrie said...

Pretty dolls and gorgeous doll shoes. I just love the detailed work. And the pile of mother of pearl buttons - wonderful!


Anonymous said...

Your dolls are gorgeous! And those slippers!! Thank you for the very sweet comment you wrote on my blog for a post I did in March. you are right, I have experienced a lot of healing in my life!~

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Nancy.... oh my you have the most beautiful things! I love your gorgeous dolls. What exquisite taste you have!

xo Heather

Enzie Shahmiri said...

I have been so busy I did not have time to stop by and look at all the great things I have missed!

What lovely dolls! French Jumeau's that have baby doll faces are my favorites. Still dreaming of owning one, one of these days!

3rdEyeMuse said...

oooh! thanks for sharing such wonderful doll pics and eye candy. I love your theory behind worn doll shoes. :) sounds like a real possibility to me.

I missed the party but decided to post my own favs just the same. If you are interested, feel free to stop by:

smiles ~M~