La Mode Pratique

A little history for you...

I thought you all might find this interesting. A while back, I acquired some of these lovely papers. They are titled La Mode Pratique.

I love this publication header. Click on the photo below to see the details.

I haven’t been able to find much information on the paper, but did find a website that had a little information. You can visit the website here or read on.

French Fashion Publications and Children's Fashions: La Mode Pratique

A French reader tells us, La Mode Pratique was a very popular fashion magazine in France." We are not sure, but believe it is a fashion magazine, or possibly a sewing magazine. We know that the magazine included patterns. We have few details on the publishing history of the magazine at this time. We do note that it was published as early as the 1910s. (My issues are late 1800’s) ...We do not yet know, however when it was founded or ceased publication. It appears to have had considerable information about children's clothing. We do know that it was published throughout the 1930s-40s and into the 50s.


We do not have a great deal of information about the content of the magazine yet. We believe that there were patterns and articles on fashions.

This was all the website had to say about the publication. If anyone has more information on this paper, I would love to hear from you.

Mother and very beautiful!

Sweet Baby Coat

The top of this gown is a textile dream

Sweet girls outfit

I would have worn this


Incredible hat

Love the lorgnette

Look at that waist!

I wonder if the closing of this publication was like losing the Victoria Magazine of that time. The illustrations, and wonderful ads, with included patterns, would have made it invaluable to those seeking the ease of French fashion.


Miss Sandy said...

You just cannot beat the quality of vintage illustrations in catalogs and fashion publications. The details are awesome! What a great find, will you use them in your art work or for decor or just to look through sometimes for pure pleasure?

Nancy, do you know very much about old buttons? I am trying to find a resource for cleaning and identifying vintage buttons. I made an impulse purchase last week of four large zip bags full of buttons for one dollar each. I didn't need them but so many of them were so unusual that I couldn't resist. Some of them are gorgeous glass buttons. I'd like to learn a little about them and am not even sure what I'll do with all of them!

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Tracie said...

Hi Nancy,
This is just lovely. My favorite is the lady with the reading glasses, holding them so petite.

The old publications are just so glorious, I can still feel the excitement in sharing in each new illustration.


Pam said...

The fashions and the models are so beautiful! They remind me of the Gibson Girls. Your publication is a treasure. Oh, and so glad that Colette, Della, and Marie didn't stay aggravated with Chloe for long. She is fun to have around, if a bit of a diva! Lots of love, Pam

bluemuf said...

Hi Nancy, My comment has disapeared so here I go again. :)

This is a beautiful publication and the illustrations are lovely. What fun you could have using them in your art work I also love Victoria Magazine and I have collected every issue, plus. Every so often I will pull a few out and revisit some of the love articles

Hugs Karen

Rosemary said...

I would have had to supbscibe to this one. Love those pictures!!
Thanks for sharing,

angelasweby said...

These issues of La Mode Pratique could not have fallen into better hands. It has been a real delight sharing these beautiful illustrations with you, especially the intricately beautiful title. The black and white illustrations are so evocative of a long ago era peopled with elegant wasp waisted ladies and angelic looking infants :>)

It never ceases to amaze me how much lace and trimming went into the flounces and folds of these beautiful garments. The amazing little infant's coat looks more worthy of a miniature pope than a child and the incredible many tiered skirt reminds me of the 'hobble' skirts my 99 year old MIL often recalls her two older and very fashionable sister's wearing in the early 1900's...haha! Now I wonder why they were called 'hobble' skirts....hmmm :>)
Hugs, Angela

Dapoppins said...

Wow. Where do you find such wonderful things?

LW said...

Happy to see you back…

What a beautiful magazine, beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing.

I display my old issue of Victoria magazine in my half bath…
I still love reading the old copies…

I now wish I bought two of each, one for display and play and one to keep and to be treasured.


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

I too am drawn to these old illustrations. So simple yet elegant. Thanks for sharing.

Have a wonderful weekend!

NeereAnDear said...

What stunning illustrations.... Vintage papers of any kind are a dream come true... how lucky of you to have acquired such lovely treasures



Cheryl said...

Amazing...can you imagine the modern-day version of this and how we would SWOON as each issue arrived in our mailbox??? YOu'll have to tell me us if you learn more about it. Sooooo lovely.

Dody Jane said...

I went into mourning for a year when Victoria ceased publication. Likewise, I was delirious when they announced the New Victoria. So far, so good. Have you subscribed to the new Victoria? I am enjoying your blog very much. You have a lovely presentation. I love pretty things.

Anonymous said...

i have been researching la mode pratique now for some time!! i recieved one of their front covers as a gift and thought its was amazingly beautiful, its is the 14th issue dated at april OR avril 2nd 1921 it cost just 50 cts and the publication name is hebdomadaire. HOPE THIS HELPS!!!!