A Lovely Memory and Beautiful Details

One of the most beautiful things to see is the sweep of a long beautiful curtain panel flowing in the wind. When we were starting out years ago in our first home we had very little money for decoration. I needed to find something to cover our windows but buying store-made panels was too expensive. I happened to be wandering in one of my favorite fabric stores one day when I came across a length of sheer lavender material with small flowers running through it. It was lightweight and flowed nicely. I bought the rest of the bolt and raced home. I sewed both ends and hung the panels over our sunniest, west-facing window. Opening the window, I felt a breeze fill the room and the wind gently rocked the material back and forth. The light in the room was diffused with a lovely lavender glow.

This may seem strange but those panels brought years of soothing peace as I watched them gently flow on the whispers of the wind. And all this peace was purchased for so very little. The simplest things in life can bring the greatest pleasures.

Here are some details I love. Click on the pictures for a closer view.


Santo Hands

The scroll of a Florentine shelf

An old key

The back of a silver spoon

A lovely green tendril entwining with this loving cup

A hand painted antique fan with vintage rhinestone bracelet


Heidi said...

It is so very true that the simplest things do bring us the biggest pleasures in life. I think it is the connection we get when we know that something is right. For me it is looking through a piece of lace on a window. It seems to make the world a prettier place...

Hugs ~

Lori said...

gorgeous details Nancy, you have such an eye for beauty:)

The Feathered Nest said...

Dear Nancy, to surround yourself with beauty is so very soothing to the soul. As women, we need that in our lives and it need not be expensive or all the same taste....I love the flourishes in your home ~ very me!!! wishing you a beautiful day, xxoo, Dawn

LW said...

I find the simple things make the routine more pleasant,
the day more joyful and life a bit sweeter…

Beautiful pictures and lovely post….


Babsarella said...

Great story, and love all the beautiful photos!

angelasweby said...

How lovely to have your room suffused with a delicate lavender light and to be able to see the wind as well as feel it!
The one thing all your beautiful images have in common is the wonderful flowing lines, the folds and curls and scroll like shapes. It reminds me so much of the sea with it's gently unfurling white capped wavelets tumbling onto the shore. Soft sounds and gentle movements set up a subtle vibration which stirs the soul.
Warm hugs, Angela

Janet said...

Your home must be filled with beautiful things. It's nice that you appreciate beauty in so many ways. I, too, love to see curtains blowing in the breeze. It somehow makes me feel snug.

Margaret said...

Such a beautiful post, Nancy! You have such an amazing eye for shapes and textures. And I loved your story about the curtains!

Thanks so much for your lovely comments--you are always so thoughtful! Have a beautiful day.

Tracie said...

So true, Nancy~
The simplest treasures are the very best. All of the pictures are lovely, as are your beautiful treasures.

(I came out of cleaning for a bit of beauty and this is the best there is - thank you for the inspiration.)
~Cinderella must get back to work...

Dreaming of a home that looks like yours.

Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Nancy,
These are gorgeous photos - you are right, the simplest things can bring such joy. I enjoyed reading your post about the lavender curtains you made.


Rosemary said...

It's all in the details!!

NeereAnDear said...

When you surround yourself with things of beauty ... meaning ... and love all is at peace within your soul



bluemuf said...

The curtian sounded lovely. I could envision them from your discription. So peaceful. I also enjoyed the beautiful bits of elements around your home

Hugs Karen

Recycled Rita said...

What beautiful details...a nice way to start my evening! Thanks!
karen b...

Treasure Barn said...

Beautiful post .

I would love to join the Doll post over at Faerie Window.

The dolls I post about are actually taken from the internet but I do have a favorite doll my daddy gave me when I was 6 years old.

Thanks for letting me know.

Miss Sandy said...

Your sense of style and the simplicity in which you display it is stunning!

Lori Garbarino said...

I just love looking at life through your eyes! I too have fond memories of such things, one of which was laying in the swing in the back yard and being very still and listening to the wind rustle through the trees. Those were the days I lived carefree and no responsibilities!

I have been on a mission to live a Simpler life of late (the last 3-4 years) So this post really brought that back to the forefront of my mind!

Did you catch my post about the legend of the Dogwood tree? you inspired me

Well Done Love!

Lori Garbarino

Gillian L. said...

Your blog is wonderful!