Welcome to Miss Vanessa's Mad Tea Party!

I awoke this morning with such a curious feeling.

After I had dressed, I ran downstairs, ate breakfast and settled myself down next to Mother to make daisy chains.

I always love when Mother reads to baby and me. She is so very creative with the voices. She was reading a wonderful tale of a little girl following a white rabbit. She fell down a hole and had a grand adventure. It was nearly midday by the time she stopped. I had become quite drowsy.

“Well my darling, I’m afraid I must run off to my ladies’ tea. They await me in the drawing room. I’ve put baby to sleep. If you like, you may take tea in your room.” Her voice sounded like the chiming of sweet bells.

“Yes Mother, but I do wish I could have tea with you and the other ladies.”

“Someday you will, my child, but you are still too young.” She affectionately bent down and kissed the top of my head. “Now run along, dear.”

I tripped off lightly to my room and there I found the loveliest little tray filled with all the things I love best to eat.

“Oh, this is lovely, but I do wish I could attend a proper tea.’

“But you can,” said a voice close by.

“Who said that?” I whispered softly.

And to my delight a fairy as beautiful as a dream descended right in front of me.

"Have you not heard?” she said, in a voice as soft as a cloud. “Miss Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist is hosting a Mad Tea Party. I can take you there by magic, if you wish. You must dress properly first.”

I ran to my bed where my best gloves lay, and slipped them on quickly.

I turned, and resting on my little settee was my feather fan.

I opened it to make sure it was in working order.

My eye caught the glint of my tiara and I put it on and twirled in front of the fairy.

“Am I properly dressed? May we go now?”

“You’ll need one more thing,” she said. “You’ll need a mask.”

“Oh!” I cried, “But I have no mask to wear.”

“Do not fret, little one. I have made one for you. I do hope you love it.”

“Thank you! Thank you!” I replied. I slipped on the mask and the room began to glitter and spin . . .

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