The alarm goes off and already my mind is bustling with all the things that have to be accomplished for the day. Normally I would do my early morning workout, but today I feel like walking.

I tiptoe through the house making sure not to wake sleeping hubby. I gather things for my walk and push open the front door. My face feels the caress of the fresh sweet air and I gently close the door behind me.

The morning sky greets me. . .

Up ahead I see my path and I begin to dream. . .

What paths will you dream down today?


Dapoppins said...

I kinda wish this was there to greet me!

Rosemary said...

Wow Nancy,
What a way to greet the morning.
I hope you had a good walk.
I saw your pretty shoes on Rebecca's blog.
I will be making crowns today, that is what I am dreaming up.
Have a wonderful day!

Artwork by Christi Bunn said...

Oooohhh... can I come with you down your path? Beautiful photos!

:-) Christi

Ulla said...

Nancy ~ knowing your current routine, I am so happy you've found a beauty outside... Wish I had seen that sunrise with you! Persevere!

Allie said...

What a beautiful way to great the day! Lovely views make a walk even more delightful and help you get centered for the day. Happy Wednesday!

Betzie said...

Hi Nancy,
What a magnificent a painting.
I hope your path took you to some place wonderful today.
Mine has been to the grocery store...LOL Not too creative I'm afraid...but the time still flies by and the day is more than half over.
Wish I felt more productive than I do!

Lori said...

what beautiful pictures Nancy, you must have had a very happy day:)

suzeeez said...

Beautiful sky ...... morning really is the nicest time of the day before the rest of the world wakes up. I love the quiet .

Victorian Lady said...

Wow! Where do you live to have such a view?! And that pink sky?


rochambeau said...

The perfect way to start a day is with a walk! A good way to get centered. A good way to have time for oneself, a good thing for all the parts of a body, mind and soul. Until I can not, I will!!

Thinking of you.