The summer has gone and the leaves are turning beautiful colors of yellow, red, and bronze. In the morning sky the haze lingers and then it reveals its brilliant blue in the later day. Thoughts turn to cozy fires, soft blankets and twinkling candle light. I thought it would be fun to chronicle the glories of fall. My time is not my own these days, but I will do my best to capture the romance of fall for you.

Photos Clipart



Hello Nancy, Happy Fall!

What a fantastic banner you put on!
Love your photos.
Love it! Isn't the most wonderful season?

~ Gabriela ~

LW said...

OH Wow! What a surprise, Love the new banner…..

A very Happy fall to you!!


The Brenda Blog said...

What gorgeous photos full of color and inspiration for the fall season.

Eve said...

You did it. You captured the warmth and abundance that is Fall. I especially love the golden leaves.

Rosemary said...

Beautiful Nancy!!
Happy Autumn to you too!

Marie Antionette said...

Nancy ,your Fall banner is fantastque.I still love the powder puff ,but its good to change up from time to time.I love the pic.below,its another beauty.The prints are wonderful.Thank you for the comments left I made that pumpkin carriage a few years ago,but it hardly has been seen. Hugs Marie Antionette.PS What are you going to make for Christmas?Are you going to make Christmas Shoes?That would be so beautiful.

Janet said...

I think you did a great job of capturing Autumn! It's my favorite time of year but it hasn't arrived yet where I live. I'm waiting rather impatiently!

Ulla said...

Ohhhhh, SWEETIE! Love the new look, almost edible! It shows your heart... BLESSINGS ON YOUR SPECIAL DAY!!!

Miss Sandy said...

You captured it very well in this post, lovely!

Elizabeth said...

Yeah...that will do it!!! I love autumn and you capture it well.

Enjoy the beauty of the season, and thanks for visiting me!

TattingChic said...

Happy Autumn to you, too!