French Yummies!

I’ve just won the most wonderful giveaway! The amazing watercolor artist, Carol Gillott, of Paris Breakfasts had a naming contest for a Holiday Bergdorf Goodman window. The title of the original window didn’t seem to fit, so Carol offered one of her beautiful paintings as a prize for writing another title.

This image and artwork belong to Carol Gillott, Paris Breakfasts

If you click here, you will see the Bergdorf window post.
For the name that won the contest, click here.
To visit Carol’s Etsy shoppe, click here.

Thank you Carol! I will treasure it.

Carol’s work is beautiful. It’s happiness on paper. She has been featured on Apartment Therapy, Designers Block, Domino Magazine, and in lots of other venues.

Carol’s blog, Paris Breakfasts, is a Painting-A-Day blog that chronicles her watercolor adventures in Paris' pastry and chocolate shops. New York is her home between jaunts.

This is not my first experience with Carol’s work. As a very late birthday present to myself, I purchased this beautiful painting. I can’t believe I will be so fortunate as to own two of Carol’s works!

This image and artwork belong to Carol Gillott, Paris Breakfasts

I also have to introduce you to an Etsy artist I just discovered, Jackie of Sweet Ice. She made the beautiful felted macarons pictured in my photo next to Carol’s painting. Here are more photos of her macarons and a wonderful felted sweetcake roll. Jackie’s work is full of fun and I love her creativity.

Photo © Fete et Fleur

Photo © Fete et Fleur

This image and artwork belong to Sweet Ice

Photo © Fete et Fleur

This image and artwork belong to Sweet Ice

To see more of Jackie’s goodies, click here.

I can’t believe there are only 7 more days before Christmas! Wishing you all joy in this most beautiful season.


Rosemary said...

Merry Christmas!

Enzie at World Market Portraits said...

How lovely! What a wonderful prize!

LiLi M. said...

You lucky girl! Thanks for sharing as I did enjoy a visit at Carol's very much, I didn't know her blog. Your paintings and felt macaroons will look so great together. Enjoy these dark days with sparkle lights before Christmas!

Lori said...

those watercolors are so pretty!!! i had never heard of these two girls before, so thanks for sharing them with me:)

LindaSonia said...

Congrats on your win!! Love your blog and your husband's too!! Sweet. Happiest Holidays to you too! LindaSonia

Anonymous said...

I know and LOVE the artist's work and her blog, Paris Breaksfast

Fifi Flowers said...

Great painting! Pretty macarons!

TattingChic said...

Congratulations on winning the naming contest! You gave it a great name!

LW said...

what a wonderful win....


Cathy said...

I just found Carol's beautiful artwork this week on Flickr. I have been drooling ever since. She does amazing work and gives us the opportunity to dream sweets when you look at her paintings.

I absolutely love the fabric bon bons. I think I need to get some of them very soon.

Thank you for sharing such beautiful sweets.


NeereAnDear said...

Oh my goodness ... You have no idea the memory that came rushing back to me about the corsage...

My mother wore one on her coat every single year for Christmas ... especially when we went to midnight mass.... it was something that I always loved so much .... seeing her all dressed up in her Christmas finery.... I have one of hers in a drawer with some other vintage goodies.. it is cracked and broken but I must find it now... give it a place of honor... when I do I will send you a picture of it... worn out and all... thanks for a fabulous trip down memory lane

Congratulations on your win... the paintings are lovely ...whimsical .... and the felt macroons look good enough to eat




Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Bonne annee ma belle soeur! Anita

Pamela Poole said...

You are so lucky! I just found Carol's site the other day and left a comment. Her watercolors are amazing and I was particularly struck by the one you won. I just discovered macarons this year in Paris. The first one I ever tried was lavender and lilac flavored. They are the hottest pastry in Paris right now. I saw a news report recently that said so!

I actually stopped by because I thought you might like to know about, the only social network for francophiles.

We launched a year ago, and in 2009 we're going to add a marketplace where you can get your fill of French stuff. We're a tiny startup operating on a shoestring budget, and depending on francophile bloggers like you to help get the word out.

Hope you and your readers will stop by and join us! And please help spread the word!

Merci et à bientôt.

Pamela Poole (LaGoulue)