Deep down inside of me resides a neatnik. I was so happy to be able to do a little organizing today. After being sick and then hurting my back (a long story), I needed to make my neglected workspace a little less wild.

I’ve found an inexpensive way to store a lot of my creative tools: plain old white bakery boxes. They’re inexpensive and really brighten up the space.

How about this pink bakery box . . . Laduree’s anyone?

Of course, I do have the assorted vintage boxes and paper suitcases hanging around here too.

The wonderful ballerina card is from Heather.

I love this antique French ribbon.

Here is something I decided to work on one day and then set aside. Will I ever finish it? I hope so.

My Carolyn Quartermaine book and magazine. I have these out where I can see them. Her work inspires me!

A pretty detail on a table in my workspace . . .

Thank you all for the response to my PORCH article. Some of you noticed the photo change on my sidebar, but as you see now I’ve changed it back. I felt a little too self-conscious having my photo on my blog. My hubby loved it and said he thought it looked like an album cover. If I ever record an album, maybe I’ll use it.


LiLi M. said...

Great idea using those bakery boxes, I might borrow that idea from you one time (I'll give you credit of course). Your photos are really stunning as always. I have to say that I too liked your new photo very much, why not use it? Too pretty cannot be a reason for not using it in my opinion, of course you have to do what you think is best. I hope you and your back are feeling well today.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Nancy, Your boxes are beautiful! What I love the most is the light that you have in your house in order to capture the beautiful whites and pinks. That is the problem I am having, not enough light! I want to know, the project that you put aside, which looks like a doll, did you follow some instructions or did you make that up? I have been looking for a doll like that. Please let me know? Bisous, Anita

Lori said...

Nancy, i cannot wait until you show us more of the doll you are working on...please pick her up again...i want to see who she turns into...LOVE the idea of using bakery boxes, you are so clever:) all of your spaces look so pretty, you always take the nicest photos!!! your french ribbon is SO beautiful...i am going to try my hand at ribbon work, i want to make something like that...i wish you had left your photo up, i think you are adorable...i understand though, i am hugely camera shy!!!

LindaSonia said...

The elements of your work space that you've photographed here look so beautiful. Your eye for photography makes everything more beautiful.

While I understand your reticence, I thought your photo was charming. Funny thing is in my mind I thought you were a blonde. :-) LindaSonia

Stephenie said...

You have so many beautiful things. Love the pink bakery box...Actually all your boxes are so pretty...That French ribbon is TDF!!!!!

LW said...
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LW said...

Dear Nancy,

Please put your picture back, your are just as beautiful as the things around you..

A pink bakery box, I would be in heaven…
I hope you are feeling better and your back is OK…


Fete et Fleur said...

Hi, Miss LindaSonia!

You're not the first person to think I'm a blond. I'm very much a brunette. A brunette who's starting to see wisps of silvery white in her hair. Thank you so much for your visits here. I hope you get a chance to read this.


Rosemary said...

Hi Nancy,
I love all of your pretty boxes.
It does feel good to get organized.
I thought your picture was beautiful by the way.

The Victorian Parlor said...

Love the boxes! I am always looking for creative and decorative ways to store things since we have a small cottage. I never thought about bakery boxes:)

Chatelaine said...

Love the pink bakery box and all of your lovely boxes. I missed the photo on the sidebar. I hope you bring it back.

As always your photos are fabulous!

The Rose Room said...

Divine storage solutions Nancy! Rachaelxo

Betzie said...

Oh my, I wish I had a little "neatnik" inside of me...I'd die if you could see my workspaces!!!!
Lovely lovely lovely boxes! I missed your photo, darn!
I'm like you though, I don't mind sharing "me" as a little girl, but I hide from the camera these days!
Love that French ribbon...***sigh***.

shiborigirl said...

Hi Nancy,

Well, I'm sorry to see your self-portrait gone, but wouldn't you to be self-conscious in your own blogspace!

I too have been straightening up my workspace. I like your white bakery box idea, but you know, in my house they wouldn't look that good for long. I'm pretty hard on my own stuff!

I hope you get lots done now that you've cleaned up.



Ulla said...

Oh Sweetie! I loved the photo of you!!! But I know how difficult it can be to show more than is comfortable...

What a great idea to use bakery boxes, where did you find them?

And I love all the other details, can only imagine the full effect in your beautiful home!

Hope you are healing quickly!

Barb said...

I love that ballerina card!

bluemuf said...

Nancy, I love the bakery boxes and the pink one is to die for.

I do hope you find some time to work on the little doll, I am curious to see how beautiful see will be.

Hugs Karen