Get ready for a Magical Adventure . . .

This adventure takes place in Karima Cammell’s Castle in the Air. I’m not sure I’ve ever posted this many photos. I hope you enjoy them all.

Q. How do you make a Wardian Glazed Glass Garden?

A. Very carefully, and with tons of beautiful embellishments and trims.

These gorgeous displays were used to safely house exotic plants. They are the predecessor to glass terrariums.

I had the privilege of being invited by the amazingly talented Ulla of Ullabenulla to join her in this wonderful workshop hosted by Karima of Castles in the Air, and instructed by genius designer, John MCrae.

When I first arrived at the Castle, I was giddy. I stuffed myself with as much eye candy as I could before our workshop.

When I met John, he was everything I had expected. A true artist and kindred spirit in his sensibilities. I’ve caught the bug to create more of these beauties.

Photos of the store and workshop:

A birds eye view of the store from the wonderful workshop loft.

This mannequin is part of the loft decorations.

Gilded chandelier

Optical devices from another workshop

Punch and Judy Theater

Sweet half doll in the style of Marie

Diorama Easter egg

I want this wax head!

Italian puppets for sale

Our workshop about to begin . . . Here's John climbing the steps to the loft.

It was so neat to see many of Ulla's pieces displayed throughout the store.

Here is is the Wardian glass display

Our displays finished! Mine is the one with the chain and bunny and Ulla's is the tall lovely one. I'm infamous for never sticking with the plan. I strayed from the original design and created more of a glass cloche then a true terrarium.

Here are the finished projects of the entire class.

You could hear the applause from the peanut gallery.

This has made a lovely Easter display in our home.

Details of the chain and dresdens on the box

I hope you enjoyed all the photos.

This was truly a magical day for me, one I will never forget. Thank you Ulla! If you live in the bay area or are just visiting, Castle in the Air is one shop you do not want to miss. You can check out their website here or Karima's blog here.

Happy week to you all!


LW said...

Let me add to that applause, what a gorgeous piece of art.
I so envy you Nancy, to be able to take a class at Castle in the Air, that is a
Dream of mine… I hope maybe someday…

Thank you for sharing all of the pictures…


bluemuf said...

Oh Nancy, I would give my eye teeth to attend one of those workshops. This one is totally amazing and I just love the gorgeous creation you made. Thank you so much for sharing all the beautiful photos.

Hugs Karen

Janet said...

Oh my! That must have been a truly magical day for you! I love your bunny creation, and good for you for doing it your own way! I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of the photos.

Lori said...

Nancy, how wonderful to be able to attend that workshop...the store looks just wonderful...i want one of those wax heads too now, aren't they just!!! i love your creation, it is SO sweet...that bunny you used is so precious...and i love the dresden trimmings!!! that must have been such a fun and amazing day!!!

Stephenie said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! What an amazing workshop...I just loved your post and truly all I can say is WoW...Your really took amazing pictures..There was just so much eye candy...What a fun post...

Rebecca Ramsey said...

How lucky you are! And how lucky we are, to take part through your photos. Thank you Nancy!
I so enjoyed the post!

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

oh wow! what a fun day!! I love your finished project... perfect for Easter. xo Heather

Castle in the Air said...

I always love visiting your blog - and today it is a special treat indeed. Thank you!!
Such an honor to have had you come to the class and celebrate your day in this lovely post.
It is fantastic to see the magic through your eyes. It helps to give the work new life.
Best wishes to you and yours.


Marie Antionette said...

Hi Nancy,This was fantastic and I'm glad you had a wonderful time.I would love to learn to make the glass cases.Can't spell ter....LOL. Well I can, just not this second. Anyway I digressed. I would love to learn to make them, because I love puting dolls in them.I made two,but I bought the cases.I think yours is the best, and I'll tell you why.Your bunny theme...I love the way you set the chains,I would rather have the plateform than the pedistal.
Take care Sweetie,your still in my prayers...XXOO Marie Antionette

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Beautiful creation. Looks like it was a magical day in a magical place!

Debi said...

Hi Nancy,
Standing ovation!!! Oh how beautiful! It must have been so fantastic'to attend such a magical workshop! I love what you created, just gorgeous! I have no idea how to make something like that and would love to learn! I truly can't wait to visit your blog! Evertime I do, there is something that takes my breath away!I would love to visit that shop!
Thank you so much for you sweet comments yesterday :-)Will keep you in my prayers.

LiLi M. said...

This is all amazing; from everything what is in the castle to your projects; they are all so beautiful! What a great idee of Ulla to invite you. I think the invitation just arrived at the right moment, that is true friendship! What a lovely momento of that too!
Enjoy! Good to hear that the positive vibes did their work, I'm still sending them ok?
Have a nice day!

Rosemary said...

So pretty!!
What a great class, and what a place. Everything I knew it would be. Can't wait to go there sometime.
So glad you had fun!
Rosemary said...

What magical creations! And what good company you keep, Ulla has a fascinating blog. I'll bet it was a wonderful day.

Ulla said...

When did you manage to take all those amazing photos? I must have been looking the other way... It was pure Magic... And I love how yours looks on those red books, with cottontail all a splendor!

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

What a magical post, Nancy. Thank you for sharing it looks like a day of enchantment (love your creation too!).

Happy Easter to you and yours, sweetie!
xo~Tracie and family

The Fern and Mossery said...

What an excellent post! With all the hullabaloo about terrariums people tend to forget wardian-case style designs.

The maintenance is the same though- check out my blog for tips on how to keep your case healthy!

Elyse said...

wow -- how FUN and what beauty you created. so cool!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy, thanks for stopping by - I'll enter you in my giveaway. I knew you would love the shoes!!!!

Dolly said...

WOW Nancy that is amazing!
Thank you for shareing your day and that shop with us!

Have a wonderful Easter sweetpea!

Hugz & Blessings,

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Hi Nancy,
Thank you so much for showing us this amazing store... I was just looking at a newsletter from them that a customer brought in...I can't wait to tell her about your post...she'll love it. I would love to take a class there. Maybe someday??? Hope your enjoying the magazine!!!!

TattingChic said...

That is absolutely lovely! What a wonderful class to participate in.