The First Day of Spring 2012

In honor of the first day of spring . . . .


And a whole lot of spring cleaning going on around here.

Even some of my summer shells are trying to get in on the spring thing.

I sort of fell off the blogging radar in the last two weeks.
Many things have been happening around our little home.
I'll be by to visit soon.


Blessed Serendipity said...

Hello Nancy,
Such a pretty new spring time blog banner. I love the last picture with a tease of a piece of painted furniture. It looks beautiful. Is it a desk?

blessings and happy spring,

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

LOVELY my sister. Spring is 7 weeks early for us, can you believe that? LOVE YOU! Anita

victorian parlor II said...

It's all beautiful!!!



Priscilla said...

Lovely welcome to Spring.
It snowed today in Portland, but I have pretty flowers (from the shops) so it seems like Spring -as long as I don't look out the window.

Palomasea said...

Hope all is well with you, dear Nancy!
A gorgeous welcome of Spring...fresh and lovely.
Yes, indeed, ours has arrived soooo early. The lilacs are about to bloom! Unheard of in March :)
Thank you for this dose of beauty...
- Irina

Palomasea said...

Nancy, I have tagged you, sweet friend! Please do not feel obligated to participate, but if you would like to play, here is the link:
Have a wonderful weekend!
- Irina

Ruben Rivera said...

Hi Nancy. I'm returning to blogland from the wilderness. I miss you and am glad you're still posting.
Love you so much