The Tassajara Way

Fresh baked bread and it's aroma are a beautiful thing to me. I don’t bake bread often, but when I do, I use the Tassajara way.

Years ago, a friend of mine invited me to her house to learn a new technique in bread baking. Her instructions were out of a marvelous book called The Tassajara Bread Book. The recipe calls for the creation of a sponge that almost completely eliminates having to knead the bread.

Did you hear what I just said? Hardly any kneading!

Here are photos of my favorite wheat bread recipe. It stays moist and soft for days. Not that it ever lasts that long around here.

There were rave reviews for this book on Amazon. Click here to see the book.


Lori said...

oh, yum!!! i love fresh bread...but the kneading gets on my last one...thanks for sharing Nancy!!!

rochambeau said...

Hi Nancy,
Stopping by to tell you how much I adore the little Marie Thrones that you and Ulla dreamed up. Now, I get to leave hear smelling your beautiful loaf!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Nancy, this is absolutely wonderful! Bread is my favorite food on the planet!!!! Gotta run and get your brother from work!!! Bisous, ANita

Elyse said...

mmmmmm ... bread is so good.

we are a little lazy and bake ours from fresh pizza dough from the grocery store. a little olive oil, kosher salt, dried herbs. yum!


LiLi M. said...

Mmmm there is nothing like fresh baked bread. I didn't know this hardly any kneading variety, I am certainly going to try. Thanks!
Have a lovely day!

Michelle said...

Nancy that bread looks Heavenly! I'm going to look up that book. I love the hardly any kneading part. I also want to look into that Artisan Bread book as well. Mmmmm....perfect for Autumn...homemade bread.


Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Mmmm, that loaf looks too enticing - I'm not surprised it doesn't last long!

madrekarin said...

Yum! That looks delicious. There is nothing better than the smell of freshly baked bread from the oven. I use the New York Times no-knead bread recipe, it produces a more rustic loaf. I may have to switch. :)

Wagonwife Designs said...

Oh Nancy so good to hear from you.
I love bread and baking. I will certainly check for this book. Thank you so much.

LW said...

The smell of fresh bread…
For me is the most comforting thing in this world.
I had a grandmother that baked bread all of the time and being a lucky
little girl I lived close by.
I still can picture my cousin and I walking in to my grandmother’s house and tilting our heads just a little
to take in more of the aroma of her wonderful bread.

I have never, ever-baked bread but this one I just may try because I also remember the hours of kneading she did.

Your bread looks so good Nancy, enjoy.


Rosemary said...

Fresh homemade bread is the best!

Gabriela said...

Hello Nancy,

Love this bread!

~ Gabriela ~

The Wrought Iron Gate said...

Your beautiful bread rivals the rustic french loaves so prevalent in Provence, where my Son-in-law taught English to French students. Freshly baked bread is a favorite at my house. Thanks for the introduction to this cookbook.

Best Wishes,

PS, WICKED was wicked good. The evening was magical.

Berlin Deluxxe said...

Nothing beats fresh bread... I will certainly have to check that book out :)