~ Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ~

People kept passing it by, only seeing the ugly celluloid ovals.

She picked it up and shyly asked the dealer the price.

The item was bought for a song. She took it home, and pulled out the cracked panels.

Because in the eye of this beholder, the beauty was here. . .

Add flowers and the picture is complete

Traveling in Style

I recently sold my blue silk shoe! I'm super excited about this sale, as this is my very first silk shoe. I loved every moment of making it.

The most difficult process of making my shoes is the mailing. They are supremely delicate and I have to be very careful in packaging them. I've only had one shoe arrive with a boo boo.

Here is the blue silk shoe surrounded in fluff. I also stuff the toe to make sure it doesn't smash.

I love the look of this fluff with the blue silk.

The box is closed and tied with a french wire ribbon and a few antique wax flowers.

Then a lovely image is added and voilĂ , it is ready to ship.

I'm thinking a pink silk shoe next. Stay tuned . . .

The Red Shoes

She awoke to the morning sun streaming in through eyelet curtains. She rushed to the closet, threw open the door and dropped to the floor, cradling the shiny red shoes. She had worn these pretty little shoes every day for the last two months. They were her princess shoes. When she put them on, she was magically transformed into a vision of loveliness. She slipped them on her feet and stood up, smoothing her wrinkled pajamas. She ran to the mirror and there, looking back at her, was a princess. The same princess she discovered the first day she wore her beloved shoes. She waved at her reflection and danced around the room with joy.

A mini tale inspired by my childhood red shoes, pictured below.

Wishing you and yours a beautiful Easter,
~ N ~

Get ready for a Magical Adventure . . .

This adventure takes place in Karima Cammell’s Castle in the Air. I’m not sure I’ve ever posted this many photos. I hope you enjoy them all.

Q. How do you make a Wardian Glazed Glass Garden?

A. Very carefully, and with tons of beautiful embellishments and trims.

These gorgeous displays were used to safely house exotic plants. They are the predecessor to glass terrariums.

I had the privilege of being invited by the amazingly talented Ulla of Ullabenulla to join her in this wonderful workshop hosted by Karima of Castles in the Air, and instructed by genius designer, John MCrae.

When I first arrived at the Castle, I was giddy. I stuffed myself with as much eye candy as I could before our workshop.

When I met John, he was everything I had expected. A true artist and kindred spirit in his sensibilities. I’ve caught the bug to create more of these beauties.

Photos of the store and workshop:

A birds eye view of the store from the wonderful workshop loft.

This mannequin is part of the loft decorations.

Gilded chandelier

Optical devices from another workshop

Punch and Judy Theater

Sweet half doll in the style of Marie

Diorama Easter egg

I want this wax head!

Italian puppets for sale

Our workshop about to begin . . . Here's John climbing the steps to the loft.

It was so neat to see many of Ulla's pieces displayed throughout the store.

Here is is the Wardian glass display

Our displays finished! Mine is the one with the chain and bunny and Ulla's is the tall lovely one. I'm infamous for never sticking with the plan. I strayed from the original design and created more of a glass cloche then a true terrarium.

Here are the finished projects of the entire class.

You could hear the applause from the peanut gallery.

This has made a lovely Easter display in our home.

Details of the chain and dresdens on the box

I hope you enjoyed all the photos.

This was truly a magical day for me, one I will never forget. Thank you Ulla! If you live in the bay area or are just visiting, Castle in the Air is one shop you do not want to miss. You can check out their website here or Karima's blog here.

Happy week to you all!