The Lure of the Powder Puff

I love this old engraving of a woman performing her morning toilette.


The act or process of dressing or grooming oneself.

When I was a little girl, I was fascinated by the morning rituals of my Mother and older sister. From washing their faces, to toner, cream, makeup, and of course, the perfect powder puff finish. It was fun to watch how they applied their lipstick so meticulously, and the lovely scents of the creams they used, but one particular item caught my attention . . . my Mother's lovely powder puff. Her puff held a certain mystery, a magic that called to the very deepest feminine part of my soul. I yearned for the day when I would have my very own powder puff to dip in a fragrant batch of silky white powder.

I have collected these sweet little powder puffs over the years.

Now the pièce de résistance of this post . . .

This amazing powder puff was made by the lovely Lori of My Faerie Window. I adore Lori! Her tastes are refined and delicate, and her palette of colors is perfect!

She has created the loveliest confection of vintage beauty. Lori emailed me with photos of this puff, and of course I started salivating. She hit a raw nerve with this beauty. I had to have one. I could never bear to use it in powder though, but I will look at it often as it sits on my vanity table.

Another confection by Lori

This one had a small surprise tucked inside. Thank you, Lori! I will treasure these sweet gifts. They make me smile!


LiLi M. said...

Oh Lori's powder puffs are so amazing and fit so well in your beautiful collection. Love the Easter egg too, not to mention the sweet surprise. Oh Lori is a doll!

Lori said...

Nancy, your pictures are so beautiful that i couldn't believe that was something i made...LOL...thank you for taking the care to make everything look so pretty...and again for encouraging me when i was at my low point...i hope you know how much that helped me...your collection of old puffs is so beautiful, i love the soft colors...and the wispy puffs!!!

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

What a most beautiful post, Nancy. Lori is such a talented artist and the sweetest person, isn't she?!! That powder puff confection of hers is pure delight.

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Nancy!!!! These precious treasures are so beautiful and so perfect for you!! Lori is an amazing artist ~ I just love her taste and style...have a wonderful day sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

KeKe said...

I love powder puffs~ They're just so...girly~ :)
Thanks for sharing your wonderful collection~~

Rosemary said...

Really pretty Nancy!

Auntie Cake said...

I was absolutely swooning when I saw her powder puffs. They are so soft and feminine. Lucky you!

sandra said...

Have mercy....what a beautiful post! Lori's puffs are just 2die4 beautiful, and your photography is amazing! So much gorgeousness!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ooh your photos ARE stunning and what a lucky girl you are to have one of Lori's beautiful puffs! It's beautiful and fits right in with your gorgeous collection.

Kate T. said...

Those are so beautiful, Nancy. I especially like the feathery wispy ones - just seeing the photos, I can feel how silky it would feel to use one.




Chatelaine said...

All of your powder puffs are stunning.
They do add a touch of elegance to a vanity or dresser top.

I remember my grandmother had one perched on top of her dresser. Wish I knew what happened to it.

I'm off to check out Lori's wares.

June said...

Oh Nancy how wonderful it was to come over here and see Lori's beautiful puffs. When I saw them on her post the other day I was taken back by their beauty. She creates the most wonderful things and is truly the dearest person. She has such a sweetness about her that makes one so happy to know her.
Your photos in this post are breathtaking as usual. I was so thrilled to see the transformation of your oh so gorgeous chair. Thank you so much for saving that beauty from the landfill. How tragic that would have been.
hugs to you

Household 6 said...

Awwww! I luv me some Lori! She is the sweetest most creative little thang :)

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

I have just discovered your beautiful blog via Lori's blog. Those powder puffs are trully beautiful!

Warm wishes
Isabelle x

The Victorian Parlor said...

Your collection is lovely! And Lori's artistry is amazing! Thanks for sharing!


Kim said...

What a sweet memory and sweet collection. Very girly indeed:)
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

The Rose Room said...

Nancy, Lori is so very talented, she has a true eye for soft and subtle color, just like you do!!!! It is just divine as is everything Lori creates! Rachaelxo

Betzie said...

Just beautiful!!! I posted about my little antique doll powder puff last week Nancy! It is only three inches wide but I just love it.

Anonymous said...

hello Nancy Ive just found you How lovely are your things Ive just poated last eveing on my powderpuffs and my home is full of CQ so i know im going to enjoy Ive subscribed and will follow Fay xx