Changes and Home Revelations ~ You'll find this post interesting

I hope you’re all enjoying the changes here in my blog space. I wanted a simpler look. I’m sure it’s been a shock for some of you, as so many of you have said you liked my purply-gray background. But change is good, even if it’s only for a season.

I took some interior photos yesterday. These are my favorite kinds of photos, but first I would like to share this:

The arrangement of the rooms in our home is strange because space is at a premium. When our home didn’t sell in this horrible economy, we had to rethink what we were going to do. Our home is tiny! The truth of the matter is that we moved our bedroom into the front living room right after we took our home off the market. Strange, huh? Most people who have come over have loved it. I’ve draped the entire bedroom in white and it feels ethereal, but some people have said they couldn’t live like this. I understand their response. I don’t know how I feel about it myself. It’s brought a wonderful solution to our space issues, but it’s (really!!) different. I have days where it feels romantic and lovely, and other days when I’m not loving it. I’ve tried my best to make our house a home.

In my bedroom . . .

If you peek through this lace curtain past the chair you can see our white wall of curtains shielding the bedroom area.

We were even able to include this small sitting area in our living bedroom room. I’ve posted this photo before.

Yes, my seashell obsession is still going strong in here too.

An Italian mirror hangs by itself surrounded by white.

Here is a table that I found in my MIL’s garage. I asked for it and she generously said yes.

This table was going to originally hold a small stereo system, but after I painted it gray and gold leafed the crevices, I put it to better use, holding flowers.

The phrase, “I got lemons so I made lemonade,” has been my mantra for the past few years. I’ve come to realize that our happiness is based on our perception and willingness to accept a situation.

Why am I sharing this? Because I wanted to send a little encouragement out into blogland where it may be needed.

Have a great weekend!


The French Bear said...

Love it!!! I love people who do the opposite of what is deemed the right way....I say it is your house do what you want. If this works for you then do it!!! I love to hear of room switch a designer years ago I would do that, switch the kitchen and LR and dining rooms around.....some people really loved it and others, not!
I like the new look on your blog too, a change is needed once in awhile to clear your head, especially with a busy Fall coming......
Thank you for the encouragement, this does apply to many different things!
Margaret B

LindaSonia said...

Truthfully, I don't remember what it looked like BEFORE the change, but it is easy to read. :)

Gail said...

I love this post! We've toyed with the idea of switching our family room with our dining room. Our kitchen and family room are essentially one big room with a peninsula separating the two. And there's a corner fireplace, so in a sense it would be appropriate if our family room turned into a dining room.
The down side is that our living room and (current) dining room adjoin each other and we worry about entertaining in the living room and having a big screen tv close by....maybe someday...:).

Alison Gibbs said...

Great idea to change around your home to suit your needs, it is beautiful
Love the new look of your blog - so fresh

L'Aussie said...

It is distressing that you didn't sell your house, but by the photos you've posted your bedroom looks dreamy! Love the little grey table. Well done..:)

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Nancy, your room is simply beautiful!! I adore the white curtains and little sitting spot... your magic tough makes everything so pretty. Your mantra is definatley the right one, after all.... it is the people in the home that make special memories, not the rooms. Reworking your space to fit your needs is a great idea!!!

Debby at Romancing The Bling said...

I love the change your blog. Nancy, your taste is as beautiful as you are. I look forward to seeing further changes also. Thank you for sharing!


NeereAnDear said...

It is difficult for me to undestand why anyone would make a comment such as "I couldnt live like this" ...that your home is what you make it is so true... I had been hunting for a place to live all the while trying to undo the mess I have in my "tiny" space and was lucky enough to find something larger .. my reason for moving had a LOT to do with a neighbor that was making my life a living hell ...
but I think that you have taken what you have and with your creativity made the most out of a somewhat difficult situation ... that speaks volumes to me....dont let anyone bring you down with their obvious insensitivity... I wonder what they would do if the shoe was on the other foot....

I love the new look of the blog... dot get discouraged it will all come together..


Chatelaine said...

I do like the fresh look of your blog. I did like the old one too since I love that purple gray color.

Good for you! Making your bedroom out of the living room. That's funny, I actually made a bedroom into a living room and a living room into a dining room. Whatever works for you!

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Oh Nancy,
I love it. Everything you touch becomes a thing of beauty, you just have that flair, that special "something".

I don't know if I'll show this post to Shayne! He has long said we should have our bedroom in our front room. I've never known anyone else to think of it but being that we, too, are in a tiny space I understand making use of every bit of space. You know, your post has been a lift for me. We are all so blessed to have a roof and warm place to live. It's always "home" here, how do you do it... make us feel at home on a blog? Thank you for the encouragement, I love your home. And thanks for showing us!
Love to you, Tracie

Fleur de Bee said...

Oh goodness I am DROOLING!!!!! We have very much the same taste. I especially love how you take the simplicity of a single item and make it center stage. Some will never know the value of that single item you have highlighted, but those of us who delight and have the education beyond the urn, or vase or work "French" delight in your amazing taste. No matter how small the home, space, whatever it will always SCREAM luxe and beauty so long as Fete et Fleur are behind the design!!

Beautiful my sweet friend!
xoxo Molly

LiLi M. said...

I love everything I see and I believe you when you say that change is good. If only for appreciation of what you have and not taking everything for granted.
Other peoples words are not always that interesting especially when they don't contribute to a better life or better thoughts. My mother used to say: Put on that crown and don't take it off. What she meant is that you have to say something nice or better keep your mouth shut. But the most important is: you sound really happy and that is all that matters! Enjoy your beautiful house with it's beautiful vignettes! Have a lovely weekend!

PS we made the living room into my husbands office and the dining room into the living room and everybody is happy!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ah....the décor I remember from this enchanting summer. You have change my color palate to white and my studio is going to get the WHITE TREATMENT as soon as the building starts in October. This is a trip down memory lane of a vacation well spent. OH! And merci for coming to visit me last night, and for viewing my other posts! You like the mermaid? Tell me what you would like and I will do it. Bisous! Anita

LW said...

HI Nancy,

I am one of your plum lovers but I love the new look. But then again I am not surprised because I love your eye.

Our home is our personal domain and it has to work for us. When we built our home many years ago we put our dining room in the heart of our house you have to walk though it to get upstairs from the kit. and family room . When we were first married we rented an old farm house with this layout and I loved it, our dining room is used all of the time. I have had a few remakes about not having a so called formal dining room, when people question the why I asked how often do they use their dining space.
Most answer very little, other say when we entertain.
And then I will tell the stories of very happy family times in our dining space, about morning French toast in front of the Wood burning stove, about Christmas trees and bees wax candles and about watching the snow fall. In the summer it is the gateway to outside.

I would say after all of that courting you dh is doing you would need a lovely place to retreat…
Have a wonderful romantic weekend,


Sugar Bear said...

I think this is a great solution and who cares what others think - it is your home and you are the one that needs to be happy and comfortable there!

koralee said...

I love this new look my friend... your world is always sooooo lovely!

Thank you soooo much for visiting me the other day...happy weekend. xoxo

victorian parlor II said...

It's stunning! You have such a way of creating beauty:). We too have a small home and have to be creative with the use of our space not to mention finding creative storage solutions. Looks like you've done a great job!



rochambeau said...

Hi Nancy,
It marvelous that you share your unique space and that you have an open and creative mind to figure out new ways to do things. Also that you don't have the need to be like everyone else. I'm attracted to this in you and this trait in general. About others reactions. Often I look at other homes and the articles people use to decorate. Many times don't relate to it, but I know THEY like it and it makes them happy. I try to learn about people through their stuff. Also, I assume, most don't relate to mine. It is fascinating how we all gravitate to different things and looks. It's what makes the world go round. So happy to see you are fiddling with your blog. It was painfully difficult and time consuming to do what I did to my site, that it would take SO long and be too hard to change it. BUT when I get a new SLR camera (someday) THEN I'll put my photos in a larger format like yours!!!
Then I will be motivated.
You have a great family and a wonderfully creative attitude!!
Hugs and happy weekend filled with shiny stars.


The Rose Room said...

ooooh lovely, first of all love the clean lines of your blog and love how you turned your lemon into lemonade. My new bedroom is a living room also although I do have big doors to close it off if I want to. I like different! Rachaelxo

Dapoppins said...

Love the blue and white on your blog, I can almost feel the fresh breeze!

I have been thinking of moving things around too, changing the master bedroom and my craft stuff, and the kids "sitting room" around. I don't yet know how to do it. It is part lack of space (we could use another bedroom for a kid) and part of it is too much stuff. I got rid of some stuff over the summer to make room...but some how I still have too much.

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Unconventional, but definitely beautiful, Nancy! I realy love that table with the pink bouquet - SO pretty.