Being Inspired

The wind gently lifted her long hair away from her face. Where shall I sail, she wondered? She listened and the warm breeze whispered an answer. Yes, that will be perfect. She climbed into her exquisite little boat and arranged her gossamer dress about her legs. She let out the sail and moved swiftly into an ocean of shells.

I often find inspiration in macro photography. I was finishing my Christmas clean-up this week when I noticed a shriveled poinsettia leaf on my floor. It still had gorgeous color and had shaped itself into the perfect fairy boat.

Can you see the bonny ship's prow and the seat where the fairy would cocoon herself to sail the Seashell Ocean? Imagine the creatures she might discover, the places she will see.

I love capturing the beauty of the unusual. Seeing the tiniest of wonders through my camera lens is a blessing.

Have an inspired weekend.



June said...

The perfect little boat for a faerie Nancy! I love how you look at things.
This is the dearest post.
Beautiful capture!

LiLi M. said...

Your photos including your header photo are stunning again! Welcome back Nancy!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Yes I see it... what a perfect ship... a ship of dreams.

You inspire me Nancy!

Big hugs, Sherry

The French Bear said...

Oh how beautiful!!! At first I thought it was the tip of a shoe!!!! Ha ha, can you tell I am obsessed with shoes lately!!!! Your photos are so wonderful and so inspiring!
Margaret B

NeereAnDear said...

I have traveled into a world of fairyland and beyond with this post...

Leave it to you to find something so beautiful out of what others might consider to be a shriveled up leaf... goes to show what a vivid and creative imagination you have...

I also love the photos you take .... perhaps there is a new venture in this?

I do hope so


*Simply Colette* said...

Found you via BelleInspiration! Enjoyed your article on Valentine's cards. :)


Gustaviana said...

it's wunderfull the way you take a picture... it tells so much !!!!

thanks fot charing..xx

ullam said...

You have an eye like a fairy!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dearest one,

Your darling brother and I have been painting and he told me he spoke to you....FROST WHITE????Is that the color of your enchanted hollow? THAT IS THE COLOR WE CHOSE! Oh, you served as my inspiration for all things white, and even though I will be adding a dash of French Gray to the woodwork, the glimmer of white and peaceful surrounds will grace our new space and always whisper memories of that enchanted summer chez vous.

Much love to you...Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Nancy, I tell you, we are just putting on the primer, and that is stark white and that alone is gorgeous!!!! I think it is going to look great with the French gray. I am thinking of white linen drapes. I need something that you cannot see through, but I want a WHISPY AIRY look that will not darken the rooms. Any suggestions?? Anita

Kate Tracton said...

Nancy, you've got such a fantastic, fanciful eye. I love your little fairy boat...

Happy New Year



Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Nancy, your photos are just STUNNING... and I so agree with you that finding beauty through the lens is such a wonder.
I think details that we easily miss are seen through the lens...

happy new year to you ! I saw your blog post about finding your way with blogging. I have gone through something very similar recently... and I just took a little step back and regrouped again. I always enjoy the beauty of your blog and your friendship.


Dapoppins said...

Oh, I can so see the beautiful winter fairy, with crystal dew drops in her hair, sailing on a sea of pink...or even a more tropical fairy, with a dress of delicate spider mist, sailing the seas of some river-let...(the poinsettias in Brazil grow into huge bush/trees)