Inspiring Me

In need of inspiration, I found this amazing painting on Etsy by Andrea Mae.

I love her serene face. Through her rose colored butterfly, I can see a fairytale world come alive.

I think she will be inspiring me for a long while.

May your days be filled with dreaming.


Blessed Serendipity said...



Ivy and Elephants said...

Oh, I can see much inspiration coming from such a dreamy Goddess. And that she sees everything through rose colored glasses just makes her all the more special.
Hope your new year is off to a wonderful start. Love that gorgeous candelabra and ormolu stand.

victorian parlor II said...

Beautiful! I have missed all of my blogland friends so I decided to visit my favorites! The book is still in production and I hope to have a release date soon:).

Blessings for a wonderful new year,


Fay said...

Hi Nancy so nice to see you.
yes shes very pretty and butterflies are always a delight arent they
fay x happy new year

parenting articles said...

that painting is really lovely!

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Miss Sandy said...

Love the fairytale fantasy of the painting, so beautiful!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good evening, Nancy! DREAM ON DEAREST! It is so fun to do so, for dreams do come true when we make them happen!!! Anita

lvroftiques said...

Oh Nancy she's beautiful with her rose colored glasses! As always such elegant photography. Vanna

Marysol said...

Nancy, she's quite the beguiler!
Although I refuse to believe, you, were ever in need of inspiration.

Happy dreams, my friend.

Palomasea said...

She is beautiful, Nancy!
A lovely, wonderful weekend to you..
- Irina

High Heeled Life said...

So Beautiful! and the Rose coloured glasses in a butterfly form divine!! HHL

Dawne Boynton Polis said...

Such a pretty painting! And the mise en scène is just beautiful, too. I love to see pix of your house, Nancy, what a special place it is.
Thanks for your visits, and have a lovely snowy weekend!

Janny said...

That's wonderful if you can be inspired with these beautiful painting.

Kindest regards Janny

d e l i g h t said...

A very wonderful painting. Your vignette has enhanced its beauty!

rochambeau said...

Wonderful and inspiring painting!! Thanks for the introduction to Andrea Mae.
Hi Nancy, hope ALL is well!!


The Rose Room said...

Hello Nancy! A belated Happy New Year to you! I simply adore that painting, it is also so very 'you'! I hope all is well with you - Rachaelxo