Day 6 ~ Fourteen Days of Romance

A fun tidbit of news. Greige is having a Rocq Macaron giveaway. Today is the last day to enter. They look yummy so don't miss out.

Pretty miniature perfume shell bottles. A romantic duet in my boudoir

I love this one in blue and yellow.

All they need is to be filled with my favorite scented oils.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


You still by far, have the most enchanting photos of vintage pieces that breathe, LA FRANCE!!!!! Anita

Palomasea said...

Oh, right after precious Anita:))
Bonjour dear Nancy! I so agree...stunning beauty here...
I had the pleasure of spending a magical afternoon with your dear family, and I was raving about your exquisite taste..(as were they!)
A splendid, lovely week to you,
- Irina

rochambeau said...

It doesn't surprise me that you've had a Valentines making fete!! WIll you this year?

What an elegant duet of bottles, Nancy!! did you make them? I want to experiment! I will send you a photo of a frame that my friend Mary made out of shell earrings.
Your bottles are a perfect armature to show the flowers off!

Dawne Boynton Polis said...

As I was scrolling down, I was thinking , similarly to Anita, "doesn't she have just the most beautiful French lovelies!!"

June said...

Nancy, I have been loving your fourteen days of romance so much. What gorgeous photos of gorgeous things!
I can't wait to see more...
hugs from here...

à la parisienne said...

Oh my, did you embellish those perfume bottles???
I have a bag full of minature perfume bottles that I've been hoping to use somehow. I LOVE the delicate flowers gracing yours!


Auntie Cake said...

So sweet! Love seeing all your sweet ideas! And I am thinking that this month was particularly designed with you in mind. Enjoy each day!

Chatelaine said...

Ooh, such lovely pieces.