Presents and Trading

This last Friday, I received this wonderful book from the beautiful Irina. I've been pouring over its pages with admiration and determination to age gracefully and embrace the coming years with vibrant living. I just loved it, Irina!! Thank you so much for having such a fabulous giveaway.

Thank you for the lovely gift wrap and Anita's tag. I don't have one. I will treasure this beauty.

All I could think about was my mom and her joie de vivre as I read this fun book. She could grace its pages with her style. She is 82 years young, and still very much into what she is going to wear when she goes out. My mom has personality plus, and her outfits always include an amazing array of colors and patterns. She is truly a joyful dresser. I have to share this book with her. She is going to love it! 

I don't know about you, but in today's economy any purchase we make that isn't food or essential to our living situation has been ruled out. That's why, when I saw these pretties below, I turned to an even older method than money to make it happen.

I've had some items that I've been wanting to pass on, and thought I could make a fair trade of them for these lovelies. As it turns out, it was a go with their owner. She's happy, and I'm definitely happy that they now grace our creamy piano top.

Have you ever traded something to get an item you really loved?


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

That is exactly what I am going to be doing with a!

Oh Nancy, my dear friend Irina was just over on Saturday with her daughter and we had such fun. They are both very whimsical and creative and I cannot be any happier than to have such a great friend so close to me.

I am in full agreement about your mom. She is A BRIGHT LIGHT and full of great energy and wit and I so believe in dressing up (except when at home....oh là là, what a mess!) and to SHINE SHINE SHINE no matter what the age.

ENJOY MY DEAR and your trade off is GORGEOUS! Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


I am sending you this comment via DAWNE POLIS who had a hard time leaving you a comment!

Hi Anita, Back again . Thanks for all your comments this week. I am having Sooo much trouble with my Google account. Just spent a half hour trying to leave a comment on Nancy's blog. Can you help me and leave it for me?
"I'm delighted that you won Irina's book giveaway and Anita's tag! Congratulations! It looks like a good one.
And i'm drooling over your trade. How lovely they are. Do you call those girondelles?
Let's see if I can leave this here. I'll copy this and email it to you if it doesn't "take"
ThankXXX so much!!

I just tried to leave that on your blog...
Well, as you can see, I cannot leave comments at all!!!!!! When I hit "publish" it goes back to my Google homepage. Grrrr. I guess I really will have to move to France to get proper internet!!!

So could you PULEEZE copy and paste my thing to her comments?? After all this work, I'd hate to discard the comment

Always nuts,

hi-d said...

So I hear you are the lovely Anita's sister in law. That book looks very interesting...and how cool to have a Mom that cares about style.


Ivy and Elephants said...

Hi Nancy,
Oh, you made the best trade ever! I've so longed for just ONE of these and you have a perfect pair! They are just beautiful, and the way you display them is just stunning! I love your style.
Hope you can make it to the party this week, we'd love to have you.

Palomasea said...

Oh Nancy! Heee...I am blushing ;)
Again, I 'm thrilled you love the book, and how wonderful that your dear Mom is such an influence of style and grace! And I'm so glad you are anjoying Anita's magical tag...
Your "lovelies" are STUNNING!
AND, you just reminded me...
Anita, Ruben, and I were in the midst of a discussion regarding economy, education, etc. at their home last weekend...there was so much to talk about, but I wanted to raise a point, and I had forgotten what it was...until NOW!
Thank you for this...I wanted to voice my strong belief in a BARTER economy! :)
It worked out beautifully for you, they are so gorgeous on that piano.
Much love,
- Irina

Marie Antionette said...

Hello Nancy,
You lucky person .What a wonderful book!!! What a grand old Dame.
Irina has good taste and the bookmark just Fab.
And I would trade almost any thing for the these pretties.
I have my eye on a lamp and even if it don't work,I want it so bad.I'm hoping my hubby will get it for me for my birthday...LOL.I'll post it when I do.
Hugs ...Marie Antionette

Auntie Cake said...

Love your trade! Awesome that you were able to barter, they are "so you", just perfect. You needed them! I had a similiar one, our cat knocked it off the ledge where I kept it. I am still sad at the thought, it always made me smile to look at it. One day I will run across sometime to replace it, I just have to be patient.

And right with you on the slim pocketbook! I just keep telling myself that I can exercise my creativity.

Have a wonderful week. I loved your pinks also, you always make me smile when I come for a visit!