Claire Basler Artiste Peintre ~ Inspiration

If I could paint it would be like this . . .

I recently came across the work of Claire Basler and have fallen in love with her beautiful paintings. She paints from her home, a gorgeous French castle called Chateau De Beauvoir. Claire uses her chateau as a canvas for her artwork and life.

To see more of her amazing work visit Claire Basler Artiste Peintre.


Jennelise said...

How incredible!!!

Marysol said...

It is surreal!
Nancy, when I was a kid, I loved drawing people, and began to paint later in life. But if I live to be 100, I will never create anything of such artistic caliber. But, my fans (mom and dad) could never get enough.

In any case, I will always admire a true artist's work. This is absolutely beautiful!