My New Love and the Weekend

I've fallen in love with these sweet plants called Tillandsia, otherwise known as air plants. Their making a fun and funky addition to our home.

Tillandsia are from the Bromeliad family. All they require are water and air. They grow without soil so you can put them anywhere there is bright filtered light. How easy is that?!

This weekend we’re hoping to clean out the garage. Yippee! No, not really, but it has to be done.

Thank you all for your encouragement on the brick in my kitchen. I'm going to meet with the earth plaster people for hints and tips next week. I hope I don't get discouraged. I really want to do this myself.

I leave you with more photos from home:

Creamy and Dreamy

This chair is near my bedside. I've put the lavender pillows I received from Marie's giveaway to good use. They smell heavenly!

More of those sweet baby seashells

A favorite teacup

Antique beaded French flowers and more lavender pillows

See you all soon and have a great weekend!


My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

Everything looks so pretty! Your home looks so elegant. Love that pink chair.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Nancy, I hope you got my last comment on thanking you for entering into our home. We often speak fondly of our time in YOUR HOME, this well-lit place that oozes out beauty. Everything is so lovely as usual!!! Anita

rochambeau said...

Dear Nancy,
I just tried to leave a comment, but it didn't work, I wonder if this one will. Wanted to thank you for the introduction to the unusual Tillandsia plant. ALl photographs you share: soft and gentle.
YES! Happy weekend!!


rochambeau said...

Good!! It worked!

Ruben Rivera said...

Hi Nancy,

Love the job you did on the piano. I wasn't sure why you needed to mud the brick. I thought you could just paint them white. But then I saw the picture below ("from this" "to this") and it really does look good. I personally also love brick painted white and lightly distressed (there are some houses out here like that and they're beautiful).


LW said...

Dear Nancy,
Lovely pictures!
Aren’t air plants fun and so amazing?
Good luck on your redo, I know it will turn out lovely…


Marysol said...

Finally! A pretty plant I may, possibly, keep alive.

Btw Nancy, I've been scrolling up and down this page for quite sometime.
Poring over every last detail, to make sure I didn't miss anything.
I'm not the only one who does that, right? :)