Rainy Autumn Days

It's been raining for two days, perfect weather for cozying up and decorating for Autumn. This weekend we will shop for our special pumpkins (if the rain stops). We visit the same wonderful pumpkin farm every year.

My decorations are few because our rooms are small. They can get overwhelmed quickly with too much eye candy. I also love using natural elements like pumpkins, corn, and wheat wreaths.

Stocks of wheat tied together.

I purchased these two dapper fellows at the Halloween and Vine show several years ago.

A touch of whimsy. Doesn't he look like he's up to something?

Marie all gussied up with a fall corsage of French beaded flowers.

Trick or Treat anyone?

A room with a view into white.

Glass pumpkins resting on the piano.

Thanks for loving my photos!


rochambeau said...

ALL so beautiful and dreamy Nancy.
You have cast an enchanted October spell over here.
Thank you.

I have had some bad red ant stuff happen too, even this year!!

LiLi M. said...

Your blog always shows perfect that it is not quantity that counts but quality! I love all your decorations! From the perfectly bound (this is the past of to bind, I hope) wheat, till the cute felt pumpkin. Your papier mâché fellows and that small beautiful doll are so inspiring! Thanks for letting me enjoy your Halloween beauties!

BellaRosa said...

Nancy, how pretty your decorations are. I also loved the lil peek into your beautiful home, thank you, it is gorgeous, but with your taste how could it be anything else :) besos, Rose

Lori said...

i never knew that about photobucket...i have noticed on blogs where it will say "photo is not available" or something like that...always wondered what that deal was...i like your halloween touches Nancy...the little peeks of your home look so pretty...you have wonderful taste!!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh just beautiful, like you! I always love the softness of the white in your décor! ANita

June said...

You do Fall so well. I usually don't decorate for Fall much. I guess it's because the garden does it for me, turning such beautiful colors and all. I love to how how others keep the season, and I love how you keep it.

♪♫♪ Stina said...

Oooh, the whimsy pumpkin! How adorable he is.
He is up to something, indeed! Trick or treat...

Miss Sandy said...

What an adorable felted pumpkin and he surely does look like he is up to something. I love your elegant decor and less is more touches. I have been waiting for the rains here to abate so I can go the pumpkin farm that we have visited since my daughter was four. This will be my first year to go alone that my nest is empty. Enjoy your pumpkin picking!

Betzie said...

Hi nancy,
Love your pics and decor! That chandelier really caught my eye on your piano! How gorgeous!!!
Happy fall!!!

Chatelaine said...

Lovely photos of your Fall decorations. I like the mini pumpkin and the glass one too.

I agree not too much decoration when you have small rooms.

LW said...


Your fall is so lovely…
Love the wheat shaft and the cute
little felted pumpkin…
We had snow yesterday, which is not typical
for us at this time of year… I feel like getting out Santa and not Mr. Jack-o-lantern.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Nancy,
Thank you for coming over to take a peak at my kitchen and the chateau cuisines. They are so much my favorite; the limestone, copper, baskets, iron. No nonsense or too much clutter yet they are so romantic to me!!! I hope you are having a great weekend!! Bisous, Anita

The Victorian Parlor said...

What a lovely home you have with all of those wonderful fall decorations:). I love decorating for the seasons and your pieces are really great!



Rosemary said...

Love your decorations Nancy!
Coming up your way this week. Looking forward to it.
Have a great week,

Secondhandrose said...

All your decor is special but I really like the girl with the pumpkin skirt. thanks for sharing.


The Rose Room said...

I adore your decorations, stunning but subtle! Hope you are well! Rachaelxo