A Treasure and a Story

Antique French glass boxes are favorites of mine. I wonder about the history of these beautiful objects. Who owned them? What did they hold?

I recently came across this sweet little box. It is the smallest antique glass box I have ever seen. I couldn't believe that the bright gold finish and pink silk cushion were still intact. It is only 1 inch long by 1.5 inches tall.

It's so small it fits into this larger glass box.

I've read that these glass boxes began as a tradition at balls. All the ladies were given a gift inside these small trinket boxes, as a souvenir of the night's ball. How romantic!

Now for the story:

Evangeline sank back against the satin pillows of the carriage. A gentle sigh escaped her lips as memories of the evening swirled in her mind.

Her father leaned forward and touched her knee. "Did you have a good time, my dear?"

"Why father, I will never forget this enchanted evening. Not in a million years!"

He chuckled and leaned back.

When they arrived home, she hurried up the stairs, clutching the tiny package her true love had given her as he left the ball. He made her promise not to open it until she was alone. She flew through the door of her room and ran headlong into Betsy her maid.

"I'm so sorry, Betsy! It's just that I . . ."

"It's fine, Miss. No harm done."

The maid closed the door behind her as she left. Evangeline twirled about the room and landed with a plop onto her bed. Without removing her gloves she untied the string that held the package. A piece of paper slipped out. And then she was holding the loveliest glass box. She gasped as she saw the glimmer behind the glass. She gently opened the lid, and there resting on pink silk was the most beautiful ring she had ever seen.

Her hand trembled as she picked up the note and read:

My Dearest,

There are no words to express the depth of my feeling. As I write this, my heart is flooded with the deepest love for you. A love so strong, even death could not quench its flame. Please say that you will be my very own, Beloved. Tell me that you will walk this precious life with me and make me the happiest of men. I await your answer below.


She rushed to the window and threw it open. There in the moonlight, a man sat upon a horse, his face upturned toward her window, awaiting her answer.


The Rose Room said...

oh Nancy, something about this story moved me so much, I am happy that romance can still do that to me - lol - I let out a lovely big sigh at the end of it..... precious and precious little boxes. Rachaelxo p.s glad you liked my cardy!!!

BellaRosa said...

Nancy what a great story...hmmm when do we get the continuation? That is the problem with writting a good story...we always want more :) besos, Rose

BellaRosa said...

One more thing Nancy, I didn't see where you could post on the winner post you just did...Congratulations to June, she is such a lovely lady, I am so glad she won! :)besos, Rose

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Writing prompts such as this lovely box are some of my favorite ways to start a story or get my students to generate ideas. Bon travail, Nancy! Anita

Laura said...

I want more! What did she do next? Did she clutch her heart? Did she swoon? Did she blow a kiss to her beloved? Did she slam the shutters shut? Loved your story...adored the little glass boxes!
Take care, Laura

LiLi M. said...

Yes Nancy, you saw it right: those antique glass boxes were my inspiration to create one from cheap materials. I consider it a compliment that you saw that, thanks very much! Your collection of glass boxes is surperb and your latest addition is gorgeous too. Of course your story is the cherry on the pie. That is of course how it went...too bad you don't have the ring anymore ;-)!

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

A lovely story, for a lovely post. Those French boxes are gorgeous. And yes, I will tell my husband he needs to buy a horse! :)

Blessings to you,

Lori said...

Nancy, that is totally adorable!!! so tiny and sweet...extra special too that it has pink lining...i have only seen them lined in red...what a lovely story...i hope she said "yes"

KarenHarveyCox said...

I often wonder about the stories that go with treasured objects too. It does take you down the path through imagination. I love your story and I love how that little box looks sitting inside the other one. Your lovely story telling is expressed in your story and in your lovely photographs.

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

You are a gift! What a joyous beginning to read! Blessings.

rochambeau said...

Sweet little glass case and romantic story!
Bet I know what she said!!


❦TattingChic said...

Oh, what a precious thing to be given a gift in a sweet little box. I once was given a sweet gift of chocolates in a glass box. The chocolates are long gone, of course, but the glass box is with me still! Your antique ones are beautiful! I would like to find a triagular old glass hanky box to put my collection of vintage hankies with tatted edgings on them!

Brissonte' said...

Oh...... how beautiful and so very tender. I love to read historical romance novels for their beauty and the happy ending. Thank you for this most delightful short story complete with it's own happy ending.

June said...

This is enchanting Nancy! I adore love stories...I guess we never grow out of fairytales. This little box is beautiful inspiration I think.

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

How utterly romantic, Nancy!

The White Bench said...

Your find is precious and so very unusual! Love it, and I adore romantic stories! I have been treating myself to some love novels lately, I have a pile of books near to the fireplace... can't wait to read them all with the 'just perfect' atmosphere (fire+ candles+ knee blanket+ hot tea or cocoa)!!
Thanks for your lovely comment too, it was much appreciated!

Marie Antionette said...

This story is so beautiful.I read regency romace novels every night and this would be just like one.So romantic.No one understands why i read such stuff.But I know you do.The trinket box is so beautiful,even more beautiful with your story.Thank you Dear,You gave me my fix for the day.XXOO Marie Antionette

faerie enchantment said...

What a wonderful and enchanting story, so romantic! and the trinket box is beyond words beautiful!
Magic and Joy!

Miss Sandy said...

She said "yes", I just know it! Lovely box and equally lovely story. Have a great weekend Nancy.

Betzie said...

Gorgeous box...so dainty and sweet!
Lovely story to go with it too...enchanting.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ma chère belle soeur,
Oh you must try this recipe...it is equally good with chicken. You can also add other embellishments to it like capers or olives, but I love the fresh taste of the saffron and herbes de provence with the tomato; it is so Southern French, I just get transported when I make it! Thank you as always, for visiting! Bisous, Anita

Joy at Cupids Charm said...

Hi Nancy! I love your treasure boxes! I've been searching for something special like that for some time now. Thank you for sharing yours and the history tidbits too. LOVED your story too...what a romantic treat it was to pop on your blog tonight!! Have a beautiful weekend ~ xo Joy

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Just beautiful

Berlin Deluxxe said...

Bravo.... :)