A Heart Full of Love ~ Another Shoe Workshop

I had the opportunity this Friday to be a part of another wonderful shoe making workshop with the fabulous Miss Ulla. It was a workshop given by a special lady for her friends, on her birthday.

Each student was a pleasure to teach. We told funny stories, laughed, drank tea together and created away. A beautiful luncheon was served in one of the most gorgeous homes I've ever been in.

The hostess was a kindred spirit in her likes and loves. Each decoration for her home had been selected in thoughtful contemplation and placed with love. Whenever I enter a home like this I absorb the beauty and it makes me very emotional.

But what gave me the most cause for emotion was the hostess herself. She moved with grace and ease as she made sure that everyone was comfortable in her home and gorgeous workspace. If anything was needed, she was there to provide it quickly. In every conversation I had, her friends spoke of her love for others and her generosity. One woman told me this, "Her heart is full of love. She always thinks of others first. She is always there to help." Each story was personal and heartfelt.

Here is a small peek into the day . . .

Her amazing work studio

This space could definitely be featured in Where Women Create!

I love the installation our hostess created on the ceiling.

Does this shoe look familiar?

One of the student's shoes in progress

Love this tailor dummy

A wonderful assortment of vintage flowers

One of my favorite details in the room, a gorgeous gilded French chair. I'm not sure if I've ever shared with you all about how much I adore antique French chairs. If I had a collection this one would DEFINITELY be in included!!

Ex Voto

This sweet little Santo made me smile.

This is the only photo I took inside her home. When I walked through the door, this painting stopped me dead in my tracks. I felt overcome with emotion. It spoke to my heart. The really neat thing is that when I asked about the painting, it turned out to be her very favorite painting in her home. See what I mean by kindred spirit?

Thank you Kristine for including me in this very special day. My heart and eyes were filled with the beauty of your spirit.

Thank you too, Miss Ulla! Every teaching experience with you is magical! Until the next time . . .


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Nancy dearest,
First of all, I love your new header. This is just perfect for you! ANd the Marie event does look like so much fun! Thank you always for coming to visit and leave such sweet words; I cannot thank you enough for setting me off months ago and helping get readers. I have met the best of kindred spirits. I also, love that painting; the almost crackled black oil paint against a vintage gold frame...just lovely. Well dearest, your art is special and may you continue to share it with others and bless them with the work of your hands! GROSSES BISES, Anita

Laura said...

Oh my! What a wonderful idea to host a workshop like this for your special friends to celebrate your birthday! Such a beautiful work space...wonderful photographs Nancy! I can see why that painting evoked so much emotion...it is rich with beauty and romance.
I thoroughly enjoyed this post! Only wish I could have been there...Thank you for sharing this day with us!
Take care, Laura

Florence said...

What a magical place I can see why you fell in love with it and the teacher sounds so special, emitting that gift of love. Florence

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest one,
How I love your new look. I hope you keep our dear queen Marie up on your header along with those killer pumps of hers...do you know that I saw a lone shoe EXACTLY like those in your header, yesterday in an antique store? I almost bought it. Perhaps I should go back for it! Hey, just a quick note...you must go to my blog list and click on Woolytale miniatures. My dear friend Patricia has been working on some more creatures and children. You will not believe your eyes. When you have a moment, please visit her. SHe is unreal. SO ARE YOU! Oh how I have no time for crafts, but I do try to bang out some writing. It is so much fun....bisous, Anita

Lori said...

Nancy, your new banner is gorgeous!!! it sounds like you had a wonderful day of shoe making with your friends...the home and studio you were visiting are lovely!!!

Joy at Cupids Charm said...

Hi Nancy! LOVE your new banner!! It made me smile when it popped up! The workshop looked like such a fun event and held in such a creative space too. I would love to have been there with you guys. Thanks for sharing ~ xo Joy

Sandy said...

I am up early and trying to stay quite. What better way is there to spend the time than to find wonderful blogs like yours? I fell in love with it instantly! Can't wait for more inspiration.

LW said...

I adore this idea of hosting a workshop for a special friend…
And your shoe workshop would be the cats-meow as far as workshops go.
I for one would be in heaven to go to such an occasion.

That studio is wonderful; I love all of the black and white ceiling decor.
Was that done for the party or is that up all of the time?

Your new banner is so pretty…


Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Such a lovely studio with such wonderful details. What a nice place to spend an afternoon. But that painting - absolutely beautiful!

Rattus Scribus said...

Wow, Nancy. You're amazing. Gorgeous post, and your shoes are beautiful. I also wanted to let you know that I honored you with the Kreative Blogger Award. I know it's probably not the first time for you, but I could not accept it myself without honoring you for your beautiful blog and for helping Anita and I to become happy bloggers. When you get a minute, check out "7 things you don't know about me" on my blog. I think you'll get a kick out it

Gabriela said...

Hello Nancy,

This shoe is fabulous! Great workshop, I wish I live a litte closer...just a little bit...

~ Gabriela ~

Miss Sandy said...


It sounds like you had a perfectl magical experience. It is wonderful to connect with someone you just met. Thank you for sharing the bliss of your day.

I went in to the cobbling business myself just for fun this weekend and ended up with not one, not two, but SIX different little shoes! I'll post them in the next day or two if you care to take peek. They are a far cry from your marvelous confections but were fun to experiment with.

Have a really great week!

LiLi M. said...

That house is really breath taking, I think the minute you entered it you felt at home, because the lady of the house truly is a kindred spirit! That rose painting is gorgeous! I think you are such a lucky girl, especially because your eyes really see the beauty, your soul appreciates it and your computer shares it with us, thanks!

shiborigirl said...

Hi Nancy!

You know, I think I would really enjoy taking a workshop with you. Those shoes are sublime. ;)

How lovely to have found a kindred spirit in the process!



Ulla said...

Beautiful post Nancy! You captured the day perfectly! It is always such a treat to share our creativity and I adore doing it in this format!
Kisses and Hugs

rochambeau said...

FABULOUS!! What a great present you and Ulla were and are!
What a great set up your hosetess created.
Just wonderful Nancy!!!

BellaRosa said...

Nancy, what a beautiful experience that must have been, the pictures and your post are just beautiful...Thank you for sharing such a lovely moment in your life. I hope to one day get to take one of your gorgeous shoe workshops...until then, I will live vicariously thru your pictures :) When you get a moment, please visit me, I have an award for you, if you would like to accept :) Besos, Rose

Charm and Grace said...

What is it about a craft paper covered table with pencils all around that is so inviting? I suppose it's the knowledge that your creativity can take you virtually anywhere you want to go. Loved the post and pictures!


madrekarin said...

Oh, how fun! I love your friend's studio. I can imagine that it was very easy for inspiration to flow in such a space. And yes, that painting is amazing.

Sabii Wabii said...

I want friend like this! What a beautiful set up and how great to have you and Ulla there! I have a birthday in December. I'm going to start putting the hint out!

lorhen82 said...

What beautiful photos! I too love the tailor's dummy. I'm spending a little time catching up on the blogs I've missed so much, and I had to stop and say hello. I also really enjoyed the autumn photos.