Candied Rose Petals for Easter

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter!

Candied rose petals are a fun and easy project to do with your kids. My Double Delight roses are blooming right now as you can see in the photo below. They'll make beautiful decorations for any dessert I may want to make.

For this project you will need:

1. Rose petals from your garden. Please make sure they are pesticide free (never been sprayed). Otherwise, you might be able to get some organic roses from Whole Foods or your local health food store.

2. One extra large egg white at room temperature. You will want to beat this with a few drops of water to thin the egg white a bit. Just beat until the water is mixed in and a few bubbles are showing.

Important: If you'll be serving candied rose petals to pregnant women, young children, the elderly, or anyone whose health is compromised, be sure to use powdered egg whites (from Martha Stewart's web site).

If you're uncomfortable using egg white click on this link here for a recipe that creates a sugar syrup for coating your rose petals.

3. Clean Paint brushes

4. Superfine sugar. If you don't have superfine sugar, you can put your regular white sugar in a food processor or coffee grinder and grind a bit (not too much or you'll get powdered sugar).

5. Cookie sheet lined with parchment or wax paper. If you plan to use the oven method to dry these, I would use parchment paper.

6. Spoon

Pluck and rinse your petals and then pat them dry.

Take a single petal

Paint the back and front with a thin layer of the egg mixture.

Now with the spoon drizzle some of the superfine sugar over the front and back, coating it completely. Gently tap off any excess sugar, and set on your parchment or wax paper lined cookie sheet to dry.

It can take 1 to 3 days for these rose petals to dry depending on the moisture in the air. They should be thoroughly dry before you use them. To make the process faster, you can put them in a warm oven at 150 degrees for several hours. Make sure your oven door is slightly open. You can store these rose petals for a year in an airtight container.



Florence said...

Thanks for sharing your tips, I have wanted to do this for a long time. Florence

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh precious is like glittering!!! I have to send my soulsista VIOLET over here. Her and I are glitter sisters and she will have to see this. Beauty and love ooze out of you dear heart. Missing you TERRIBLY, Anita

Miss Sandy said...


What a gorgeous tutorial! Thank your for sharing, I have bookmarked this post to return to, these will be a must do for garnish for some tarts for my daughters wedding in June.

Have a wonderful Easter!

June said...

Nancy I will definitly use this idea this Summer when the little ones come for their tea party in the garden. Such a lovely way to make it more special. Thank you for sharing.
I thank you for your message about the garden. I am working on a coffee table book (just for my own family) right now. My mom has been begging for one. Knowing me however, I won't have it done for her this! Especially now that the garden is finally waking up.
You photographed your lovely things from your giveaway win so beautifully!
Have a beautiful weekend Nancy!
sending hugs...

Marie Antionette said...

Wow Nancy,
How kool is that.I will try them out for sure.
They are so beautiful too.Who would have thought candied rose petals...LOL
Happy Easter love,
XXOO Marie Antionette

lvroftiques said...

How beautiful would this be on a wedding cake?!...Or even a cupcake *winks*
Nancy I think you could make taking out the garbage look beautiful and elegant! Your photography skills absolutely slay me! Soooo beautiful (as always) my friend. Vanna

lvroftiques said...

And Happy Easter!

Ruben Rivera said...

Dearest Nancy,

You know what I love most about all the beautiful things you do and share with us on your blog?

They are all so you.

YOU are beautiful, my sister.

A blessed Easter to you and the gang.



Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

NANCY!!! You came to visit so quickly! MERCI MA BELLE SOEUR! Oh, our weather is cold but our tulips are FINALLY POPPING OUT OF THE GROUND. We are going out today to my favorite spots just to go tulip hunting and investigate the local gardens to see what is up. I just like being with Ruben and laughing and snooping around town! Oh, Minneapolis/St. Paul are two fun towns and for my Bday, we will just be together. That is all I need. AMAZING GRACE, that is all I can say after 53 years of a life so blessed. GROS CALINS à TOUS! Hey, isn't George a remarkable smiling dog? teeeeheee

Fay said...

nancy happy easter what a delicious treat they are wonderful and such a treat for all you friends love Fay xx

LW said...

Dear Nancy,
I hope you had a wonderful Easter and I love this idea.

I spotted you on your side bar… is that a new camera? Yeah…
and you are beautiful…


Marysol said...

Love crystallized flower petals, so delicate and romantic!